10 Days Left to Fund ‘End of Fate’ – A Narrative Driven FPS/RPG

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End of Fate is an open world narrative FPS/RPG that follows a man on a quest to change his own future. The game currently has 10 days left with $1,680 out of the $3,700 goal. The money will primarily be used for higher quality 3D models, voice acting, and music. End of Fate is a fixed funding campaign.

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‘The End of Fate” takes place in a world far into the future where man has rebuilt from almost becoming extinct. The Earths population is very small and is spread out between small cities and settlements.

The player’s character has the ability to see the future. This is represented by a voice in his head that tells him the future and helps guide him along the main quest line. It gives the game a unique narrative that most RPG’s do not posses.

The game is set to be an open world game with many side quests to do and areas to explore. One of the biggest side quests is to help rebuild a city. You will be able to build buildings and convince people to move in and open businesses. You will be able to create your own free country.

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Key Features

  • You can see the future
  • Many skills to learn
  • Lots of equipment to acquire
  • Large open world
  • Plenty of side quests
  • Narrative story telling
  • Build a city

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