‘A Jumpers Tale’ Creator Callum Singh Discusses Features, Challenges, and Gives Advice

A Jumpers Tale

In Indie Game HQ’s latest interview, Callum Singh the creator of Flat Fox Games, sat down to answer the question we had about A Jumpers Tale. Currently on Kickstarter, A Jumpers Tale is a combination of auto-jumping platformers with procedurally generated levels and numerous RPG elements. Callum took the time to talk about the challenges of developing the game, where his inspiration comes from, and even gave some advice for those just getting started in game development. So far, A Jumpers Tale has raised £117 out of the £5,000 goal and has 25 days left. All the needed links are at the bottom of the interview.

About A Jumpers Tale:

A Jumpers Tale is a 2D RPG Procedural Platform Jumper for IOS and Android! It includes the addictive game play of games such as doodle jump combined with RPG Elements.


Indie Game HQ: Where did the idea behind A Jumpers Tale come from?

Callum: Recently I’ve been getting into games like temple run, doodle jump, jetpack joyride and as I am a huge fan of RPGs as well the idea just popped into my head…Why not mix the two to create a game that includes both types of game genres that I love.

Indie Game HQ: What were some of the major influences for the game’s overall art style? It appears to be very “Maplestory-esque.”

Callum: Most of the inspiration for A Jumpers Tale has come from games that I have played throughout my childhood. Such as Maplestory, Dragon Quest, Guild Wars and also films like Princess Mononoke, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and others from the Studio Ghibli collections. I have always loved the fantasy genre and different worlds that have been created and this definitely inspired me to create one for myself in A Jumpers Tale.

Indie Game HQ: How will RPG elements be implemented into the game?

Callum: A lot of the RPG elements in A Jumpers Tale will feel familiar to RPG gamers. You will start at level 1 and by defeating monsters you will gain experience points which will help you level up. Also from defeating monsters you will be rewarded with coins which you can then spend in the shop to buy upgraded and cooler looking weapons and armors which will give you stronger stats and perks. Once you reach a certain height in the game there will be a chance of coming across a boss which when defeated will drop special loot and lots of coins!

Indie Game HQ: What programs are being used to design the game, and what engine is being utilized?

Callum: I have asked Landslide Studios to help me with the game as I have limited knowledge of game development but I believe they are using Unity. For the art they are using various programs like Photoshop, etc.

Indie Game HQ: What type of item variety can we expect?

Callum: This is what I love about other RPGs; the amount of different weapons and armors there are for you to look as unique as possible. I am going to have a number of weapons in the game such as swords, bow, staves etc. For the armors I really want to focus on the helmets being the main piece of armor as that is what is most visible in the game. There will also be the rest of the body armor but it think it would really cool to make loads of many interesting and unique helmets.

Indie Game HQ: Will the in-game leaderboard be cross platform, allowing iOS and Android users to compete against each other?

Callum: At the moment this hasn’t been thought about but I’m sure if people would want this then it could be implemented!

Indie Game HQ: What challenges have you faced thus far, and what advice would you offer to aspiring developers?

Callum: The main obstacle so far has been trying to make the game that I want and that others will enjoy as well. I have made a lot of changes since the first concept ideas but I think finally I have started to create a game that I love and hopefully others will too.

As a designer I feel there’s no idea that’s too crazy. The crazier the better! So if any of you out there have a game idea just go for it and try it make it happen. I’m sure if you love the idea then others will too.

Indie Game HQ: What is your ultimate goal in creating A Jumpers Tale?

Callum: I want to create a game that I love and others do to so I can share this experience with others. I would also love A Jumpers Tale to introduce people to RPGs who may not have even played one before.

Indie Game HQ: Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions. Is there anything else you’d like to add for our readers?

Callum: Just that I’d appreciate it so much if they shared this around or even pledged any amount. It would mean the world to me!

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