‘A Virus Named Tom’ by Misfits Attic 75% Off and We’re Giving Away One Steam Key

A Virus Named Tom

It takes 2 to spread a virus… 2-4 that is. With Steam Big Picture launching today A Virus Named Tom is a whopping 75% off, and we at Indie Game HQ are giving away one Steam key! Why so much? To celebrate being played the way it was intended: with friends of questionable morals over a couch co-op session, causing mayhem throughout the City of Tomorrow!

Don’t get the wrong impression though, while it is cooperative, we mean that in the loosest sense possible. Sure you need to work together to infect the city, but no one said you couldn’t get achievements for killing your teammates, or that you shouldn’t rub it in their face when the results screen shows you solved most of the puzzle or took out the most drones, while they acted like some scared little email virus.

About ‘A Virus Named Tom‘:

A perfect place. A city without traffic. A dog that doesn’t poop. All products of the brilliant mind of Dr. X, but hell hath no fury like a mad scientist fired by a giant corporation. In this unique action-puzzler you take control of TOM, a virus created for one purpose: revenge.

Hack your way through brain scrambling puzzles while maneuvering through a thumb cramping maze of enemies. Team up through over 50 cooperative levels in what MMGN is calling “The most addictive co-op game we’ve played since Portal 2.” And if the over 100 levels aren’t enough, you and your friends can destroy each other again and again in battle mode to determine just who is the supreme virus.

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This giveaway is now closed.

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