Aaru’s Awakening by Lumenox Games Seeks Greenlight Support

Aaru's Awakening

Lumenox Games needs your help getting Aaru’s Awakening Greenlit. Like many others, they are stuck in that hellish pit and are in need of at least enough votes to get Valve’s attention. The game itself may seem like your average 2D action platformer, but features beautiful hand-drawn art nearly everywhere. At this time, Lumenox Games plans to release the game in Q1 of next year. There has also been talk of a brand new trailer coming next week, so look forward to that.

Aaru’s Awakening, due to the protagonist’s various movement options, is quite fast-paced. You’ll run, charge jump, teleport and, in some circumstances, combine these to traverse levels in the blink of an eye. Some of the obstacles players will encounter include: breakable walls, narrow passage ways and long jumps to name a few. When it comes to the enemies in Aaru’s Awakening, don’t plan on using any normal form of attack. The teleporting ability will be your only weapon. Using said ability to move into the forces blocking your path will destroy them. If physics has taught us anything, it’s that two pieces of matter cannot exist in the same space.

Aaru's Awakening

The story of Aaru’s Awakening is set in the fantasy world of Lumenox. There are four Gods who rule this world: Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night. Each God also has their own domain, but they share the responsibility of the world. The shared responsibility creates a balance in the world we know as the day cycle. However, Night gets greedy and threatens the balance of the world and in retaliation Dawn, sends out it’s champion, Aaru, to travel through all the domains and restore the balance.

If any of the above caught your interest, head over to their website for more information on Aaru’s Awakening. Don’t forget to also check out their Steam Greenlight page and give them a thumbs up.


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