About IndieGameHQ

Who We Are

Indie Game HQ was founded by a team of journalists and editors who love video games. Having already accomplished successful projects, such as running an OnLive-dedicated news site and building an all-around gamers haven, IndieGameHQ.com presents an opportunity for us to shine the spotlight on independent developers and their games.

Instead of toting how big our numbers are, or bragging about the size of our joystick, Indie Game HQ will only deliver media to inform you about amazing projects that deserve your attention. Any successes we have only happen because we cover great games, and great games start with creative developers.

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Why Indie

When you watch a video, look at screenshots, or play a demo of an Indie title, you are looking directly at the vision of the developer(s) behind that game. Independents have the advantage of making games that they truly believe in, and don’t make sacrifices to satisfy the whims of a demanding publisher. Many developers are even switching over from large studios in order to bring their visions to life.

Contrary to what some circles may have you believe, independents are not a spectator sport in gaming. An immersive story, quality, graphics (modern and retro), soundtracks, authentic voice-overs, innovation, humor, integrity, creativity, imagination, nostalgia, and the list goes on: All of these features can be experienced with Indie titles. You just have to know where to look.

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What You Can Expect

This community is about exposing you to really great games you might not know about. We do this through in-depth conversations with developers, reviews where we take an honest look at games for their accomplishments and their failures, and we spend a lot of time searching for amazing games so you don’t have to.

We take Indie games seriously here and we want you to as well. Indie games deserve to be held to a higher standard. So we invite you to join us in our adventures here at Indie Game HQ as we bring you the latest, the greatest, the not-so-hot and the almost-got-its.

Welcome To Indie Game HeadQuarters…

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