Ascension Games Discusses Project Cornerstone, Influences, and Future Plans

Project Cornerstone

In Indie Game HQ’s most recent interview we had the opportunity to interview Aidem Studios and Ascension Games regarding their upcoming open world adventure game Project Cornerstone. They revealed some of their key influences and inspirations for their game and discusses future development plans including community involvement. The game is currently in the final two weeks of a Kickstarter and could certainly use the support.

About Project Cornerstone:

The boy Tyrim lives on the island with his mother Alma and his younger twin siblings Vida and Birka. His dad has been out on an expedition with the rest of the men in the village, leaving the elders, women and their children. No one knows where they are since they have been gone for several years.

Things in the village are starting to fall apart and there is no one to help. (this is where game starts), the boy insists to go find the lost ones but the villagers are keen on keeping the few ones they have. And of course Tyrim is far too young for such an adventure; the village is barely holding together.


Indie Game HQ: Thanks for speaking with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about Aidem Studios?

Ascension: First off, let’s clear up some of the confusion we have caused, there are two companies involved in the development of the game. The main creation of the game is going to be produced by Ascension Games, with the cooperation of Aidem studios. Ascension Games is composed of Jonathan Gustafsson and Samuel Sekandagu, also a present part time addition Josua Mannebäck. Aidem Studios is a media company we have been working with.

Indie Game HQ: Prior to working on Project Cornerstone, what has Aidem Studios / Ascension Games done?

Ascension: Aidem Studios earlier work can be seen here.

Ascension Games have been working as an indie company making games for about 3 years. We have released two games, So You Think You Can Blink, and Billy Puffer, in the past, but also some canceled projects.

Indie Game HQ: How long have you been working on Project Cornerstone?

Ascension: The production of the game has been going on for about 3 months, but this is the kind of game that has been floating around in our minds for years and Kickstarter felt like a good place to start this project.

Indie Game HQ: What were some key inspirations for Project Cornerstone?

Ascension: The obvious examples would be the Legend of Zelda series or the first Fable game, but it has been more about what isn’t out there.

We have seen glimpses of the gameplay we love in games like Half-Life 2, Portal or the Trine series. They all used physics, “highly interactive gameplay” in “isolated” areas (with good reason physics aren’t cheap).

With the new Generation of consoles coming and PC already being pretty awesome, we should start putting an emphasis on interactivity and not graphics, thus the “simple graphics” and “physical” world.

Indie Game HQ: How much of a say will Kickstarter backers have in the development process?

Ascension: We want to create the game together with them, not just have their input on small things. If there’s any disagreement we will go with the democratic method and hopefully the best idea always wins. We want to establish a clear goal from the start so hopefully everyone shares a similar vision. It also depends on how much you pledge, the more you pledge the more influence you get.

Indie Game HQ: How extensive is the world of Project Cornerstone, and what tasks can players complete?

Ascension: This is a tough one to answer at this time. We want to be realistic, we won’t create a bigger game than we can polish, we will also scale the project in relation to the amount our kickstarter raises.

Our goal for the world would be:

  • No annoying travel distances
  • Every location is filled with something interesting (no empty fields)
  • As little repetitive gameplay as possible. (no Grinding)

Our Kickstarter updates have hopefully given you the general idea but more information is on the way.

Indie Game HQ: Will the game feature a set campaign, or can players freely roam the world doing quests as they please?

Ascension: I guess our goal is to hit the “sweet spot” somewhere in between. (a mix between Skyrim and Wind Waker).

Indie Game HQ: Is there a chance we see multiplayer or some form of co-op added to the game?

Ascension: We all love co-op but at this moment this would only be a stretch goal.

Indie Game HQ: Upon completion, how long do you intend on making the gameplay of Project Cornerstone?

Ascension: Because of the sandbox nature of the game it’s impossible to say at this stage of development.

Indie Game HQ: Following release, do you intend on releasing continued content updates?

Ascension: Yes, it’s a sandbox, people play around with stuff and get new exciting ideas.

Indie Game HQ: Thanks for your time. Is there anything you would like to add for our readers?

Ascension: Hey if you think this is a game you want to play, make sure to get your input in the development NOW! And spread the word! Also thank you for reading this far, now go check out our KICKSTARTER!…

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