Big Sky Infinity Receives “Thank You” Patch from VooFoo Studios (PS3 and PS Vita)

Big Sky Infinity

Big Sky Infinity has received a big update today from VooFoo Studios! As a “Thank You” to the fans for the 200,000 downloads and counting, VooFoo and Boss Baddie has released a patch that adds quite a bit of new and interesting content to the game.

Since the release in December 2012, the developers have been hard at work on this patch, and not only does it bring fresh content to the table, it also improves some features based on feedback from the users.

Below are the patch details, a trailer, and all the needed links.

About Big Sky Infinity

Big Sky Infinity™ is a fast-paced, twin-stick shooter that delivers insanely intense and unique experiences, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat every time you play. It features randomly generated, dynamic gameplay that intuitively adapts based on your performance – so the better you play, the more extreme Big Sky Infinity™ becomes. With 12 energetic game modes to choose from, get ready for some intergalactic pandemonium!

Patch Details

  • 3 new bosses – Giant Crab Boss, Meteor Ship Boss and Scrapyard Boss
  • 2 new enemies – Trailer and Fogger
  • 6 new black hole enemies – Vikings, Ninjas, Zombies, Pirates, Ghosts and Chaos
  • 4 new events – Parallel Cascade, Laser Levels, Portals and Minefield

VooFoo Studios still offers Cross-Buy on Big Sky Infinity, so getting the game on Vita will get you the PlayStation 3 version for free, and vice versa.

Big Sky Infinity already boasts cloud saving, 4 player local multiplayer on PS3, asynchronous multiplayer on Vita, the ability to compete against friends or world high scores even when offline and randomly generated gameplay so you never play the same game twice – the patch (on-top of all this) is certain to knock your galactic socks off!

Buy Big Sky Infinity: PS3 / PS Vita | VooFoo Studios | Boss Baddie | Ripstone


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