Battlezone ’98 Successor–BIONITE: Origins In Jeopardy?

BIONITE: Origins

Over this weekend we were provided with the disappointing news that Dan Rhodenizer, marketing director of Platoon Studios, has left the company and is no longer working on BIONITE: Origins. Dan has been a solid supporter of what we are doing here at Indie Game HQ, and has agreed to an interview with us to discuss what happened, the current state of the project, and its now uncertain future.

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Indie Game HQ: How long had you personally been working on BIONITE: Origins? What was your role in the team?

Dan: It’s been awhile, off the top of my head, I’d say roughly more than 1-1/2 years. I’d have to go digging to find the exact date though. My responsibilities on the team were getting our game out there to the public, making industry connections, recruiting talent, helping manage & assign projects to team-members and creating the 2D graphics such as logos, graphical user interface, heads-up display, or web related graphics.

Indie Game HQ: How long has BIONITE: Origins been in development, and how close was it to release?

Dan: The game has been in development for over 2 years now. How close it is to release is still a great question. A lot of great work and time has been put into this game. As it stands now, there’s basically just one programmer (the project lead) working on this game. The game may never see the light of day unless more help is found. I hope somehow that it does succeed: There are some awesome people working on the game.

I offered, along with another person, to find John [Grisnik, lead developer] help, but he wouldn’t take it. A project of this size needs more than one programmer to get the job done. There’s still a lot of work left to do with the project, more than I think even he realizes. I hope John learns from this and finds the help needed to finish the game. A Beta was supposed to be ready long ago, but that was pushed back a couple times. I don’t know when that will be ready.

Indie Game HQ: Help us understand why you decided to leave BIONITE: Origins. We assume you don’t make it a habit to depart projects you’ve spent years building at the drop of a hat, do you?

Dan: Absolutely not. I’m not going to get into some of the details of what happened, it wouldn’t be right of me. But I’ve spent a lot of time on this game – like many others on the team. I’m very upset with all the work I put into this project, only for this to happen. I feel bad for the team-members and the fans. We’ll see what happens now, but it’s time for me to move on. We’re not getting paid to do this and I’ve sacrificed a lot. You’ve got to know when to fold your cards.

Indie Game HQ: Obviously a rift happened within the BIONITE family. Before we get into the nitty gritty of things, could you elaborate on how the project was developing over the last few years and what your expectations of the game were?

Dan: The project was coming along fairly well, slowly but surely. After the Kickstarter campaign we found some new talented team-members who have proved to be a vital part of the project. I had high expectations. Battlezone ’98 and Battlezone 2 were truly unique games and it was time for the FPS/RTS hyrbid genre to make a come back. It may still yet. But, I won’t be part of it now. I think gamers are finally wanting something new and refreshing in this industry. This is the perfect project for that. There’s a lot you can do that still hasn’t been done with this genre.

Indie Game HQ: So what happened? As far as the public was aware, up to this point, BIONITE: Origins was quickly on its way to release and things seemed to be going smoothly.

Dan: Basically the decision for leaving came down to trust issues, lack of communication and not listening to one another. Teamwork is important. If I address my concerns for the better of the project and it’s not going to be respected – being the Marketing Director, there’s no point for being here anymore.

Indie Game HQ: It’s not often that a team goes forward with a large marketing campaign, like the one currently on IndieGoGo, without the consent or even acknowledgment by its marketing director. Who knew about this decision beforehand and why was it made without you?

Dan: I was aware of the IndieGoGo campaign, I spent a lot of time doing the prep work for it. But, we weren’t supposed to launch when we did and I was unaware that we were live until two days after it launched. We were supposed to launch the campaign on Tuesday, then I found out that we’ve been live for 2 days prior to me finding out, and I’m supposed to dig us out of another hole? I had no idea we were live.

The most important day for a crowd-funding campaign to be successful is day one. Game sites don’t cover news on the weekends so by the time game sites get the press release, we will be 5 days in with a few bucks raised. Do you really think they are going to take us seriously and post an article on us? It has been an accumulation of things unfortunately that led me to my departure.

As soon as I found out I recommended hauling the campaign down and relaunching in 5 days when it was originally planned to launch. I was in the midst of moving so I didn’t have internet for five days, then I came back and that’s when it all went down hill.

Indie Game HQ: In your own personal opinion, did you ever feel that there was a possibility of this happening down the road? What thoughts were rushing through your mind as it happened?

Dan: As an independent game developer, that’s always something in the back of your mind. There’s always risk involved in this industry, but you have to maintain a positive attitude and continue to move forward. Game development isn’t easy, we all knew that going into this. A lot ran through my mind. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and a big decision to make.

Indie Game HQ: Did all of this happen over the weekend of Friday the 19th, or has the writing been on the wall for a while now?

Dan: It was a sudden thing, yes. It all went down over the weekend. You could argue that the writing has been on the wall for awhile now, but I tried to stay optimistic along with many others on the team.

Indie Game HQ: Do you feel betrayed by the team at all? What do you think of the members that still wanted to keep working on BIONITE: Origins?

Dan: No I don’t, I’m still in touch with the guys. I made a lot of great connections with this project. The guys I’m still in touch with are great people.

Indie Game HQ: How optimistic are you that BIONITE: Origins will actually release now?

Dan: If it stays on its current path, in my honest opinion, it won’t. We’ll see though.

Indie Game HQ: That is unfortunate. Since BIONITE: Origins seems unlikely to release what will happen to the Kickstarter and, potentially, IndieGoGo funds?

Dan: I’m not sure, who knows. But, with these crowd-funding sites, it’s all a risk. The person pledging money is taking a chance to never get their money back or get anything at all out of it.

Indie Game HQ: After you’ve invested so much time in this project, how do you personally feel about the ordeal?

Dan: It’s very upsetting of course. But, you’ve got to continue to hold your head up high and move on.

Indie Game HQ: What is next for Dan Rhodenizer?

Dan: I’m not going to rush into anything, the next project has to make sense and be realistic enough to finish. It can’t be another game you see made time after time. There are some guys who want to work on a new project with me. I didn’t burn any bridges and I made a lot of great connections working on this game. It definitely won’t be the last of me, you just might not hear about this next project for a little while.

Indie Game HQ: Thanks for your time as always Dan. We are deeply saddened by this whole ordeal. Would you like to say one final message for the fans of BIONITE: Origins?

Dan: Thank you for taking the time. The fans have been waiting for another Battlezone for a long time. I hope somehow a successor or sequel is made. Who knows? Maybe we made enough noise with this project to convince an established developer to finally give us fans what we’ve been waiting so long for.

All in all this is horrible news for a game that looked so promising. There is still hope for BIONITE: Origins to be the next Battlezone successor, but with only one programmer remaining it certainly seems grim. After 2 years of development it appears that the entire project may be jeopardized from a single weekend. The removal from Steam Greenlight just further confirms this belief. We will be sure to keep you updated should we hear more from anyone involved.

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  • Montag_451

    This is the sadest thing I have ever read. I loved those games. And i learned about Bionite too late to throw my support fully its way…. :-{(=

  • Wat

    He’s just a marketer?

    Burning bridges so soon!

    I got two e-mails & PMs on Desura from this 123Dan123 dude, but haven’t ever seen him play or post in the project’s forums.

    One message was advertising the game (weird since I backed the project), and the other was this message about his departure. How deeply involved was he really?

    • Nate

      We have an interview scheduled with the other side of this dispute and will be bringing more information to the public soon.

  • Dark Lord Volgrand

    I’m Volgrand, one of the lead Story Writers (among other jobs) in Bionite: Origins.

    Dan was deeply involved in what includes marketing, mainly, although he helped a lot in many other areas of the game development.

    Although his departure will be a hard hit for the team, it is still possible to make the game to see light if the right actions are taken.

    Despite I must say I understand the reasons that made Dan leave the project, I prefer to not say my thoughs about it for the moment. Let’s just see what the other side of the dispute says.

  • Aloysius

    I can definitely relate with Dan. I won’t go into it much like Dan and Volgrand, but there were a few sentences I could relate to, particularly about communication. I can foresee things slowing down a bit now that Dan is out of the picture.

    Also, Wat: I’m still able to look at the developer’s end of the forum, and Dan actually posted a lot – particularly in Skype. Some days all the chatter would be LtFeed, Dan, and maybe one or two other people. In fact, under numerous occassions LtFeed referred to Dan as his mentor stating he never would have made it this far or even stuck with UDK if Dan it wasn’t for his mentor (assuming I’m remember that all correctly.).

  • Jayden.H

    If either of you seen a message from 123Dan123 stating that that the game is cancelled, you are being misinformed.

    P.S, I’m one of the developers, and I’l tell you some news, the game will succeed no matter what an ex member says, I guarantee that.

    • danrhodenizer

      @Jayden.H I don’t ever remember saying anywhere that the game has been cancelled? The project is still possible to finish, and like I said in the interview, I hope John can find the right people to help finish the game.

  • Nate

    For the record we have not abandoned this story and are patiently awaiting a response from the other side.

  • Doppler

    From an outsiders point of view, it’s rather apparent Bionite’s management is incredibly poor, and I can see that from just visiting your Facebook and IndieDb. For the record, it could be done with #1 talented programmer I’m sure, but it would need x amount of delay for release which I’m assuming is what you are talking about.

  • Wat

    The 2nd kickstarter fell through. Where’s the response? Was Dan the lynchpin here? Why did you let him slip through your fingers?

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  • Lee Robbins

    It seems that LtFeed to feels threatened by anyone who shows any independence from his agenda.He had accused me of trying to pirate the control of the game and dismissed me from the Dev team merely because I’m the original author of the Bionite element and approached him OPENLY about about a possibly copyright issue. BZROM

  • LtFEED

    no chance dumbass, your story sucked and your art was horrible, it never got used.-LtF

    • John

      For those who have no knowledge of this, Lee Robbins is the one who came up with the name “Bionite”.

  • LtFEED

    no he didnt, i came up with the name and i had it trade marked. – LtF

    • Lee Robbins

      You know deep in your heart that you never created the Bionite subject.I have screenshots of your comments telling me how great you thought my idea was. If fact you’ve done nothing but slander me since i decided to correct you on this. You call it bashing, It’s just me calling you out on a lie and senting the record straight by telling the truth.

  • Lee Robbins

    Frances John Grisnik your a lying Son Of A Bitch.
    The sponcer server keeps all that information archived for leagle purposes for situations just like this.
    Besides I have the screenshots and text
    saved from the forum.

    You have to one of the most low-life persons I’ve ever yet to meet.

  • LtFEED

    you know i didnt send you guys the response to the article to give people like Lee Robbins a platform to bash me and the game, I feel as though this is VERY unprofessional that you guys will let him post anything hateful and lame that he wants to and no one will check to see if any of it is true. Lee is a crazy person who thinks he deserves somthing for nothing. I am not longer going to post on this forum or send any more updates to this site. I dont make games to give people a platform to spout there hate becuase they have an emotional problem. You guys can spread the hate and controversy all you want, i will not be a part of it anymore. When the game is done, that will be enough of a statement for me. -LtF

    • James

      We are not censoring anything. So far these 2 interviews have been completely unbiased. We have not edited any statements nor have we even really commented on anything. We are trying to be as unbiased as possible. We all hope the game is released as BIONITE looks like it could be awesome, and Battlezone deserves a spiritual successor. Out of all the comments you were the one who resorted to name calling initially. This comment section could have been a civil discussion. We want to parlay unedited info that will allow the public to formulate their own opinion. That is all.

  • Lee Robbins

    LtFeed, You surely don’t have any moral character to proceed in this fashion, know full well that you are wrong.Givin your personal character attributes.. It would be best is you never posted anywhere Ever again!
    If you care to have me prove you wrong and present a most public embassesment for you …
    I can do that! Your best best would be to come clean and hope that people won’t be too harsh on you for this situation. Let the record be clear on this: I do not hate you nor bear any resentment towards you. I’m just so.. so ashamed for you.

    • Dark Lord Volgrand

      Lee, I’ve hardly seen anyone as childish as you are being. I have my differences with John, but your attitude is the one of an enraged teenager. “I’m not in the project, I’m going to flame the game!”, “I’m in, or noone will be in!”.

      You are making free accusations here without any proof of what you say. What do you expect, that someone recognizes you the concept “hover tanks battles around the solar system”? Then you should start legal actions against… Activision, in example. [/sarcasm]

      That’s enough man, stop your flame posting. I’m feeling ashamed of knowing that I did work with you in this project, if even it was a short time. You dare to post that you are “ashamed” of John, when in fact you are ashaming yourself with your attitude.

      If you were an adult as I though, you would just step back, shut up, and start your own project. But you decided to charge against John. Stop trying to gain any fame by flaming Bionite: Origins.

      I will never approve your attitude, even if I myself have been affected with all this team explosion.

      And here I tell something for the ones who follow this project: When John says that they will finish and launch the game, I believe him. As simple as that.

      Dark Lord Volgrand,
      Co-writer of the story for Bionite:Origins (the New World Order)

      • James

        I hope you are right. I’d love to see this game release, and I honestly believe it will. Let’s just keep the conversations civil here.

      • Lee Robbins

        My comments have never been directed at any of the games developemental aspects. It has been directed straight at John Grisnik for his deceitful allegations that he created the concept for the Bionite material. Anyone has has any true knowlege of the games developement knows that in the spring of 2011, I was was the one who fisrt proposed the name and concept for the Bionite.My shame for John is founded in the fact that he has stated to the contrary and they “he was the creator”. I’m only making it a point to set the record straight solely within this context. Otherwise I hope the game proceeds and sees a fair degree of success.

        • Dark Lord Volgrand

          I don’t know if you created the name or concept of bionite or not. Neither I care. Your way of acting is ridiculous, Lee. Why did you wait until this moment to try to make this public? If so many proofs you had about that, you could have moved it before, in the early stages of development, when it was still possible to change names and concepts “easily”.

          But you do it now, when the project is known in the indie games communities. And my opinion, you are doing that with the only purpose of flaming the project. You are not only implying that John stealed the name ‘Bionite’: You are implying that the whole game, and the countless hours each developer spent on it, is based on a lie. You are aiming to damage the whole project as much as you can. An acussation like the one you’re making is not a joke, Lee, and either way you dare to launch it freely.

          Either you are right or not, your actions are headed to flame the all the work the PS team did, and the team itself. So don’t come now with “I hope the game proceeds and sees a fair degree of success”. That’s cheap hypocrisy, you contradict all your previous comments with that sentence. And you know I’m not talking only about the ones in IndiegameHQ. You have lost all credibility I could have on you in the moment you waited until NOW to make public your supposed “name creation” issue.

          You’re nothing more than a hater. Haters gonna hate.

          I hope this is the last time I have to respond to your pointless accusations.

          • Lee Robbins

            It might be wise for you to do the research before you decide which side you choose to be on with this matter. I realize that you had started with the team at some later date which may have precluded you from some of this information.I’d had come to know you as a friend during our tenure on the project,so i encourage you to seek the facts for yourself before you resort to any further comments concerning my motives.

      • Lee Robbins

        I would also like to point out that: Given the fact that Activision still owns the rights for the Original Battlezone game series.The team had come to the conclusion that the name “Battlezone” could never be used without violating the intellectual property rights for said game.Knowing that the concept of “Biometal” was the hook that made the first game concept work altogther anyways yet, couldn’t be used either.So in order to differ from and to stear clear the the “IP” rights of Activision of a space base extra terrestial ore material concept that was used in Battlezone.That is when I contemplated the concept of the nano science based material and subsequent processes for the Bionite element development.All it will take for anyone to validate this is to access the forum data base from where I first originated it. “”.I’m not seeking any sort of fame or glory…I only want the credit to go where where it belongs. Now as far as John Grisniks statements goes….I’m not sure of what degree todays moral standards are being held, But In my day you called it like it was. If a man told a lie- he was deemed a liar.Today’s flaming concept is just a load of manure.

        • Dark Lord Volgrand

          As I told you before: “I don’t know, I don’t care”. If you had come with all this and proofs 2 years ago (when you left the team) we could have changed those concepts with no problem.

          So tell me, why did you keep it in secret until now? It doesn’t make sense, and if you wished so much success to the game, you would have not waited until the concepts were public.

          Until you can give me a convincing response to that question, I have nothing more to tell about this matter.

          • Lee Robbins

            There was no secret.Most all the Dev team knew these things.During my duration I was willing to submit to any agreements concerning content inclusion that Lt. was was going to submit.It was only just prior to my departure (dismissal) that I had conducted a conversation(on Skype) with John about my having submitted a intellectual property rights claim to the US.Federal Patent Office pertaining to the Bionite concept.The conversation concluded with an proposed agreement that I would retract my claim provided that I would remain in authoritative control of the concept. Subsequently I found out that my credentials have been removed from the Tumblr site Dev team stats.Only to now find that John Grisnik is claiming to have authored this content,Which is why I’ve brought this informationto light.
            I hope this sheds some light on your understanding.

        • Dark Lord Volgrand

          You have still not responded to my question: “Why did you wait this long?”. If it was not for just damaging the project, then why did you wait until all concepts were public?

          The concepts were published more than 1 year ago. You could have said something then, but you decided to wait until now.

          • Lee Robbins

            JohnDecember 3, 2012 at 6:16 pm – Reply

            For those who have no knowledge of this, Lee Robbins is the one who came up with the name “Bionite”.

            LtFEEDDecember 3, 2012 at 6:50 pm – Reply

            no he didnt, i came up with the name and i had it trade marked. – LtF
            It should be self evident that I clearly had to set the record straight after reading this.

  • Nielk1

    I would suggest both sides calm down a bit. John, all you need to do is talk to your team more. The “issues” were not caused by Dan leaving, the issues were the cause of Dan leaving. He was the entire public face of Bionite and frankly the only reason I gave it a 2nd look after the lackluster start early on.

    The project management is bungled at best. You should be taking this opportunity to talk to your team and try to sort out their concerns. You wish to just keep blaming Dan, but really, it was your lack of communication when you cut out most involved in the project from the development communication that started it with no explanation. Members seriously thought you had walked off with the funds, and if they think that, you have made a rather horrible impression on them.

    I made it a point not to get involved beyond minor assistance in hope of doing freelance work down the road. Your management of the project was the entire reason for that decision, where instead of offering my services and diving in I went out and got a job and just sat giving some minor help to keep things moving. I gave suggestions in the area of object structure for the radar and targeting system, AI pathing, formation collision avoidance (reflection of the AI unit velocity across the tangent plane to the minimum distance sphere), etc. I didn’t do these for pay or royalties, I did them for free, because I felt the project was worth it even with the state of the management. Once I saw the system you were using for development, I pushed for a better one, to prevent duplicate work and other wasted effort, but being totally ignored I was left to try to push my points through one of your artists. I had a lot of involvement, and it was free given, with no contract or expectation other than the chance to help the project along to a state I would feel comfortable doing major work on it.

    Countless times, while watching the development, I would see duplicate work, concerned team members, and a complete lack of communications. Often times a concern would be met, after days of pestering, with a simple thumbs up Skype emote. This is the sort of interaction that made your team so weary and that made them so scared when you cut the lot of them off.

    Your problem is with your interactions with your team, not your public relations. Please stop trying to demean your team members, those that have done work for you even before any contracts existed, simply because they are concerned, confused, or hurt. You need to step up and act like a man rather than point fingers and accuse others of misdeeds where no misdeed was done.

    • Dark Lord Volgrand

      I was about to reply to John, but you have said exactly what I was going to write down. +1

  • Jayden.H

    Lee, just leave, stop getting all crappy because your work was unacceptably bad, reality is, you did not trademark it, it isn’t an original name either, so don’t try to take credit for that, since that seems to be the origin of our conflict…

    • Lee Robbins

      Considering your relevance to this topic.
      Your comments seems to conform to a minionish statement.

    • Nielk1

      Jayden, please stop it. You are being absurd.

      I do not know where you are getting your information, but many of the things you say just have not happened. Dan never said the project was canceled. Because he was the public face of it, him leaving meant he most probably had to give an interview to prevent rampant rumors. Though him leaving coincided with a big issue in the team, he was not the cause, rather, he was affected by the same thing. His interview was extremely non-specific and basically said the project was fine without him. John’s was full of downright falsehoods on the nature of the events.
      So, for 1) Dan was not the reason for the issue, he was just the PR guy so his leaving was obvious to the outside world and the concern of the other team members easy to ignore (as usual). Dan was slung through the mud both publicly and to the team members that remained (like you) because of that and still, all Dan did was give the clean and civil interview above. He never told anyone the project was dead or canceled, he simply made an attempt to sever himself from the project without hurting it in any way.
      2) Dan didn’t start the Indie-Go-Go campaign because he was not told to. It was started quite late to my understanding from when it was supposed to start. When it was started, without his input, it was started at a horrible time (for god sakes it took a whole weekend before it was even noticed by news sites). Its poor performance had nothing to do with Dan.
      3) Do you not remember the several models that you made that Nos also made in parallel by John’s instruction? Do you remember texturing Nos’s various super high poly models for in game use (these things are movie quality, far too complex for a game) rather than the game-safe models you made (considering you were educated in that area) simply because they ‘looked prettier’? Do you remember how many times John acted like you had quit despite knowledge of the situation of your internet? This project’s management is full of decisions that are without merit. Honestly, aside from some additional models and maps added to the engine, I have yet to see any progress of any sort from over a year ago.
      4) Do you not remember John telling different people entirely different things about the state of the funds, telling some members that none were left and others that nearly all remained?
      5) Do you remember all the suggestions I pushed through you to John that would solve all these issues? The double work, the concern about funds, everything, solved simply with a weekly report of to-dos, resource allocation, and project status? Nothing *ever* happened.
      6) Have you not noticed the numerous edits John has made to all areas he has control of to change historical record and edit or remove other’s un-liked comments? He can’t do that here, so you can see what is happening.
      7) Do you even read the chat-logs of the Skype room that was made for the entire original team to discuss what was going on? This room started when the majority of the team, some that are back on now, seriously thought John had literally run off with the funds. In the room, you would note some panicked comments, and a lot of “what should we do?”s. What did they do? They sat and waiting to see what was going on, rather than rush onto the internet and spread false information. Some of these members signed their contracts and were still cut simply because John did not reciprocate. Furthermore, the start of the scare was the removal of *every single team member* from the Skype room and its deletion with no comment of explanation. That is what put and is putting the project into jeopardy, not Dan.

      Basically Jayden, why are you so doggedly defending this behavior and attacking innocent people? I don’t care if Lee’s work was garbage, and I doubt it was, that doesn’t give anyone the right to demean him like that. He is clearly upset and I would say that his state of mind is being taken advantage of to agitate him further to try to make a new scapegoat rather than Dan. (I don’t know what is going on with you Jayden, but you have been extremely aggressive with everyone the past two months, refusing to see the facts evident in logs and attacking people over irrelevant things such as I on my diet, seriously…)
      The lesson to take here is how to treat your team, not which member of your team to make the target of ridicule next. First Dan, now Lee, then who?

  • Jayden.H

    I’m not john…I’m just trying to make sure the months of work don’t go to waste, and my behaviour has been a reaction to the aggression going back and forth these past months…

    Don’t attack me.

    • Nielk1

      It’s really hard not to reply with a childish quip or something to “Don’t attack me” when if I was attacking you, I was doing so for your attack on someone else.

      It’s like no one bothers to look at other people here. And now, both sides are going to read that and agree thinking about how wrong the other side is not to understand their point of view. So sad.

      Just remember, I’m the only one that both has a lot of info, but doesn’t have a slightest stake.

  • Lee Robbins

    I sincerely regret any subsequent harm the project may be experiencing.Yet I must point out that there would have been No messages if John had not chosen to be dishonest with his claim to have created the Bionite content.

    .I’m not sure why he has chosen to take this path..but I think it is in poor judgment to have done so.I would think that anyone considering to support the Bionite endeavour, should know just who and what they are getting involved in.
    I thought it in good judgment to make this matter public primarily to set the record straight,Yet also to help prevent anyone else from having thier concepts hijacked.

    If it had been someone of a lessor stature other than the project lead, this may have not have seemed such a poignant issue.When one conciders these actions and takes into account all the relivent factors. Any and all ridicule and disgrace that can be brought to bear, should be reflected onto John. When peoples funds are invovled and honesty is of the upmost, they should know full well what kind of people they are dealing with.

    • Lee Robbins


  • Lee Robbins

    Here is a link to keep you updated with what is current:

    I’ll also post the text here in case he decides to delete it from the forum.
    This quotes CMC1995; He is the original author of the games storyline.
    “No the real problem with the team was we had a programer as the project lead.Yes,programmers have the most taxing job but they tend to not be the “business” type in social terms. When you are the lead of anything especially a indie game you have to have the basic skills of communication and make as many longterm connections as possible with fans and developer. Not responding to Personal messages and failing to be completely transparent with everyone, especially your development team will lead to suspicion and eventually rumors. Rumors of which will cause issues with your fan base and within your development team. John is no doubt a good asset to this project but by no mean is he qualified to be a project lead. A project lead must not be mathematical and full of programming logic. A project lead needs an artist eye for quality and the most advance level of social skills resembling those of a salesman in which even if he doesn’t like someone he gives them basic courtesy to acknowledge them and show the most basic level of respect and maturity. In reality a project lead doesn’t need to know one bit of programming at all, all they need to know is what is needed and what to ask for and then let the programmers figure it out. Programming is by far the most boring, least creative job in the gaming industry and is debatably the toughest but just because it sucks and a person is willing to do the hardest job doesn’t suddenly make them QUALIFIED to be a project lead. Yes you do the most work but anyone can replace logic in seconds, its the true creativity that makes a game great that is hard replace. Bottom line the project lead isn’t a leader at all. Lack of communication, failure to provide basic customerservice to the fans, tons of broken promises and failed release dates, and total lack of social skills is why John Grisnik shouldn’t represent this game as the “project lead”. Greed is another issue too as He was completely reluctant to grow the development team and bring a sufficient amount of programmers on board to even make the game the slightest bit enjoyable. Instead he refused help and is now stuck with half finished game and only a handful of developers.A higher % of crappy game is actually going to make LESS than a lower % income of a good game. This development team should have been at least a minimum of 50 developers. Now its not even 10″.

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