Bundle Stars Unveils the Fire & Ice Bundle, 10 Great Games

Bundle Stars Fire & Ice Bundle

Bundle Stars has unveiled their most recent bundle, the Fire & Ice Bundle. This will be their run at the first pay-what-you-want method. For a minimum of $1.25 you will receive Tiny Troopers and Airport Control Simulator. If you pay more than $4.96, you will unlock 8 additional titles. Every title includes either a Steam or Desura key.

Bundles Includes:

  • Tiny Troopers - Activates on Steam (Windows/Mac)
  • Airport Control Simulator - Activates on Desura (Windows)
  • Adam’s Venture – Activates on Steam (Windows)
  • Adam’s Venture 2 - Activates on Steam (Windows)
  • Darkness Within - Activates on Desura (Windows)
  • Darkness WIthin 2 - Activates on Desura (Windows)
  • Armada 2526 - Activates on Desura (Windows)
  • Firefighter - Activates on Desura (Windows)
  • 2 Mystery Games

The bundle is a lot longer than the typical bundles we have grown used to. The Fire and Ice Bundle still has another 27 days and roughly 22 hours left. As per the trend, this bundle will also be stepping up to support a great cause. A percent of all proceeds will be donated to Special Effect, which helps disabled children enjoy computer games. In addition to this, Bundle Stars is doing something somewhat unique. The top contributors will receive an Iceberg Interactive PC CD-ROM bundle valued at over $750/£500 while the top 5 contributors will receive beta keys for the upcoming game StarDrive.

About Bundle Stars:

Bundle Stars is brought to you by Focus Multimedia, a leading independently-owned publisher from the UK. We have been partnering with talented developers and publishers from all the over world, large and small, since 1995. Our goal has always been to make outstanding PC games available at prices that every gamer can afford. With Bundle Stars, we have kind of gone back to our roots. Our first ever release was a “mega bundle” of PC disc games and software which included Sensible Soccer, RAC Lombard Rally, Jack Nicklaus Golf and F15 Strike Eagle II.


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