Casual Mobile Puzzle Game ‘Clobbr’ Hits the App Store Today


Czarcade has released an interesting puzzle game called Clobbr through the App Store today. Clobbr had already previously released through the Google Play Store on September 24th, 2013. The goal of Clobbr is to guide a rock through a series of chain reactions until it can reach the bottom and hit the cat on the head thus saving the mice. This sounds very simple in theory, but the game becomes increasingly harder as the game progresses. Clobbr currently features over 100 puzzles spread between a variety of worlds. Each level you’ll have 20 seconds to swipe rows of blocks left and right to line up arrows in order to drop a rock on the cat’s head to give him a little cat nap and rescue your little buddies. If you happen to fail at whomping the cat don’t fret you have unlimited tries. For those interested in the game, it is available for $.99 on iOS and $1.99 on Android.

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About Clobbr:

Clobbr is a casual mobile puzzle game where the player must help a blue monster save his mice friends from a bothersome cat. To accomplish this, the player must arrange rows of blocks to guide a chain reaction from the top to the bottom of the screen, ultimately bonking the cat on the head and letting the mice escape.


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