Cheat Physics in This Puzzle-Platforming FPS Known As Pulse Shift

Pulse Shift

Pulse Shift is a platforming puzzler with a first person perspective and a disregard for physics. Created by the masterminds at 3 Core Studios, the game contains over 50 levels not including the special unlock-able or tutorial levels, and special abilities that allow the player to manipulate gravity, time, and physics. Pulse Shift is currently available on Desura for $9.99 and even has a free demo available.

To provide further insight, I downloaded said demo and here are my thoughts.

Firstly, I was very impressed with the graphics settings in Pulse Shift. When selecting “Config” from the launcher menu, you’re presented with the standard resolution, anti-aliasing, and filtering settings. Unlike most games, you can also change the vertex and pixel shading versions to your liking and/or hardware settings. On top of that you can also change the render system from DirectX 9 to OpenGL. Yeah, I just got technical. Moving on.

The level designs are clever in the fact that they will make you think (obvious, but true). Make a wrong move and you might have to rotate the map back and retrace your steps, or you might just fall into a cloudy void. At this moment, you’re probably saying: “Wait, did he just say rotate the map?”, to which I would say: “Indeed.” Using the right and left mouse clicks you are able to rotate the map to reach other areas and possibly collect holokeys. Another added feature is the ability to rewind time with a middle mouse click. Find yourself falling off the map? That’s where this comes in handy. Be advised, the rewind-time ability can only take you back so far.

As an added note, be careful when rotating the map as to not get wedged into the corners or edges where two planes meet. They tend to enjoy their personal space and toss away anyone who dares intrude.

All in all, Pulse Shift is definitely worth taking a look at. If you’re still a bit undecided on the $9.99 price tag, give the demo a shot and maybe afterwards you’ll be more apt to support this developer.

Purchase Pulse Shift! | IndieDB | 3 Core Studios

About Pulse Shift

Pulse Shift is a puzzle-platforming FPS which allows players to control and cheat physics. The game allows to play with physics, gravity and manipulating time. Primary goal is find right way and get to the arrow location as fast as possible. It is a game where you finding, trying, jumping, collecting, avoiding, thinking, running and trying again. It is 3d puzzle game where you really playing with three dimensions.

Key Features

  • 50 Normal levels
  • 7 Special unlockable levels
  • 3 Tutorial levels
  • Each chapter with new special ability
  • Multiple levels per chapter
  • Up to 5 different save profiles
  • Personal Bests
  • On-line updates




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