Chris Palmarozzi Discusses His Indie Focus and Shiny Loot’s Unique Trait System

Shiny Loot

Chris Palmarozzi, founder of Shiny Loot, recently took the time to discuss his new digital distribution site with us. Shiny Loot, currently in beta, features a unique search system based on traits, genre, and settings that allows gamers to find exactly the type of games they are looking for. With a strong indie focus, Shiny Loot appears to be offering another strong avenue for developers to market their game to.


Indie Game HQ: Thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us a little bit about Shiny Loot?

Chris: Shiny Loot is an independently created, indie-focused game distribution store. We want to create as fair and open of a marketplace as possible. We offer same pricing worldwide (plus local taxes) and minimal to no DRM on all titles. At the core of Shiny Loot is a trait system that allows users to search over one hundred individual features of a game such as randomized levels, user created content, or physics based gameplay. These traits can be filtered alongside every variable such as genre, setting, and price, delivering tailor made suggestions that precisely fit the user’s interest.

Indie Game HQ: What made you decide on an indie focus?

Chris: Indie game developers in general take more risks to innovate and bring new, hard-to-define concepts to the world of gaming. Our trait system is specifically created to help users find those titles in which they’re interested.

Indie Game HQ: How has the experience of working with all the developers been?

Chris: It’s been great. Many developers have provided strong feedback during development. I’m really looking forward to meeting some of them in person down the road.

Indie Game HQ: What made you decide to use your unique traits and settings categories?

Chris: In my opinion, search filtering was an area really lacking in the digital distribution space. By building a system from the ground up that allows users to narrowly define their interests we think we’re bring something unique to a crowded marketplace.

Indie Game HQ: Upon purchase, how long will the download be available for the buyer?

Chris: I don’t see any reason why not to say it will be available as long as the buyer wants.

Indie Game HQ: Thus far, has the site progressed as you had hoped?

Chris: It’s been slower than I had hoped but about as expected. We aren’t doing any advertising and have run only two small sales promotions. Early feedback suggested we weren’t doing a great job of showing the capabilities of filtered traits. We’re revamping parts of the site to bring greater focus to our most unique feature in addition to our other planned beta updates. Like any new website we need to build trust. That’s something that no matter how forthcoming we may be it just takes time.

Indie Game HQ: When can we expect a full launch?

Chris: We are expecting a full launch in early April, but won’t move on from beta until we meet a few featured-based milestones in addition to any key feedback based usability changes that arise.

Indie Game HQ: Going forward, what is your ultimate goal for Shiny Loot?

Chris: Our ultimate goals are to create a system where gamers can find the exact games they’re looking for and by doing so, generate more sales for indie game developers that they wouldn’t see otherwise. To do that we’ll need to continue building on a wide variety of high quality titles that can make use of trait based search.

Indie Game HQ: Thanks for your time. Is there anything you like to add for our readers?

Chris: Spend some time today using Shiny Loot. Buying a game is great and all but feedback via our forums, twitter, or support page is far more important to us at this point. Let us know what you think!

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