City of Steam Enters the Fray on Steam Greenlight

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Mechanist Games has launched their debut title City of Steam onto Steam Greenlight in hopes that the game will be able to release on Steam in the future. Their game aims at reinventing the browser-based genre with high quality graphics and expansive gameplay unlike any other browser-based game to date. Their international team has done a very good job thus far of connecting with their fans to try and create the best user experience possible. I strongly recommend supporting these guys on Greenlight.

Developer Site | Game Site | Steam Greenlight

Greenlight Bonus Features:

  • 7 extra Pets, with 2 inspired by Valve
  • 3 new Steambikes, with 1 Valve tribute model
  • 8 new dungeon types
  • Steam Achievements
  • More hats, because hats
  • Extra hardcore dungeon challenges
  • Jetpacks
  • Extra character customization options

About Mechanist Games:

Mechanist Games is a Xiamen-based independent 3D web game developer established in April 2011, through a joint-venture between Fuzhou JW Games and Xiamen Tycun Investment. Currently, we are using the cutting edge Unity 3D game engine to develop our products.

About City of Steam:

A city of industrial wonders sits on the brink of collapse. A world of mechanical precision has been brought to the verge of war. The New Epoch is ending, and what comes next will change the Great Mechanism forever.

City of Steam is a 3-D MMORPG set in a steampunk-inspired universe years in the making. No tired fantasy tropes here! No dragon rides, no flaming swords, and no enchanted forests. If any of our elves live in trees, it’s because they’re CRAZY!

Despite its modern, streamlined interface, City of Steam is firmly grounded in the tabletop RPG tradition. Based on the pen and paper RPG series The New Epoch, City of Steam boasts a world of incredible depth and detail. From the clockroaches that plague the tunnels beneath Nexus to the great phlogiston-filled airships that soar above the city, City of Steam will immerse you in a world of danger, intrigue, and technological fantasy.


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