Dark Matter Now Available on Steam

Dark Matter

InterWave Studios in conjunction with Iceberg Interactive have released Dark Matter via Steam as well as several other digital distributors in both English and Gerrman. Just in time for Halloween, Dark Matter is a 2.5D sidescrolling horror game set in a derelict spaceship. Think of it as Dead Space meets Grimind. Deadly parasites have taken over the ship, and as the Ensign, you must roam the dark ship carefully while strategically using your weaponry. Dark Matter retails for $14.99 for PC, Mac, and Linux, but it will be available for the special launch price of $13.49 until October 24th.

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About Dark Matter:

Dark Matter is a 2.5D side-scrolling survival horror game, set in a derelict spaceship besieged by a sinister alien presence, and infested with deadly parasites. As the Ensign, you must explore fetid hallways and abandoned facilities, scavenging for parts and blueprints, expanding your arsenal to up to four deadly weapons and freely customize each to fit your combat style against intelligent, reactive enemies. Dark Matter delivers a hard-hitting take on the survival horror genre in deep space, with a heavy emphasis on tactical combat and exploration.


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