Day One: Garry’s Incident Debuts Kickstarter Campaign

Day One: Garry's Incident

Wild Games Studio and game designer Stephane Woods have unveiled a Kickstarter campaign for Day One: Garry’s Incident. With this campaign they are seeking $50,000 which will go towards completing the first episode and eventually add multiplayer co-op. Wild Games Studio intends on taking feedback from the users in between each episode to better the next.

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About Day One: Garry’s Incident:

Friday September 13th 2013, Take over the role of Garry, a bush pilot, who will end up in a nightmare: after a crash in an ancient amazon wilderness his only goal is to survive the day.

Day One: Garry’s Incident is a survival type of FPS where quick reflexes are needed. You will have to survive in the jungle without any help. Find food, build your own weapons and discover an ancient lost civilization with mysterious technologies left behind many centuries ago by aliens. It is up to you to survive and to find all secrets behind the mysteries.

Kickstarter Video:

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