Introducing the Digital Tribe Groupee Bundle, 4 Great Games & Bonus

Digital Tribe Groupee Bundle

Groupees and Digital Tribe Games have unveiled the Digital Tribe Groupee Bundle. This bundle features 4 titles currently with a 5th to be unlocked at 2,000 sales. For a $1 or more purchase you will receive Section 8 and Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia. These are 2 quality, older titles that are well worth it if you don’t already have them. The $3 price tier is where it definitely gets interesting. If you pay $3 or more you will receive Hotel Giant 2, and what I personally consider to the be the indie game of the year for 2012, Cargo Commander. Should the bundle sell over 2,000 (currently at just over half and we’ve barely just started), we will unlock the puzzle game Roogoo. All of the 4 starter games feature Steam keys except Monster Madness which supplies a DRM-free download.

This bundle provides a lot of value, and Cargo Commander alone is well worth $3.  If you choose to donate to charity, 20% of your purchase will be given to The Friendship Circle. This organization establishes programs and support for families of individuals with special needs. So help support a great cause and get some great games. This bundle will remain active for another 2 days and roughly 19 hours.

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