Action RPG Empire Eden Receives Kickstarter

Empire Eden

New Horizon Games have launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming run n’ gun action RPG Empire Eden. The game is the first commercial title from the studio, but they have worked on many free titles, most notably Virus Effect. The Kickstarter has had a slow start thus far, but there are still 26 days left to fund this great project. If you are a fan of the classic games like Metroid or Contra, then this project is certainly worth funding. For a minimum of $10 you pre-order yourself a digital copy of the game.

Empire Eden | Facebook | Twitter | Kickstarter

About Empire Eden:

A combination of Run & Gun, Beat ‘em Up, and RPG like you have never seen before. You play as a tribal native whose tribe was swept away by the Empire’s soldiers. Unaware of who the Empire is, and why they have done this, your main objective is to rescue the captured tribesmen/women while unraveling the secrets behind the Empire.


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