Exclusive Discount Code for Newly Launched Vergecore Portal

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Another contender has just entered the ring. Vergecore is the latest platform to begin selling games through digital distribution. Having served as a publisher, Vergecore has the connections to fill a library. Vergecore provides social features, an achievement system, and promises a new gaming experience. In a market filled with many standard sites, it is nice to see innovators really trying to take a piece of the market.

In honor of this great launch Vergecore has provided us with a code that will provide 50% off almost any game on the market. Use the code IGHQ-HALFPRICE at checkout to receive the 50% off discount. This code will be valid for 14 days. Be sure to check out their library that features downloadable, browser, mobile, and mini games such as Darkout, Sonny, and Sherwood Dungeon.

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About Vergecore:

Presenting a fresh and growing portfolio of games ranging diversely in genre and style, Vergecore Interactive is an ever-growing international publisher, licensor and distributor of highly immersive, premier PC, browser, and mobile games. Providing gamers with a compelling platform featuring the highest-quality free-to-play and pay-to-play titles, Vergecore is committed to providing unparalleled, multi-platform gaming experiences.

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