Funding Fridays – Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Cosmochoria, The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock, Still Alive, and Dead Synchronicity

The Weird Story FF

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Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock Festival of Magic - FF

“An original turn-based role-playing game set in a world of machines and magic, a world that stopped spinning thousands of years ago.”

The planet of Umbra ceased spinning over one millennium ago. No one, save especially brave scientists and explorers, seek out the secrets of the old world now buried in the uninhabitable reaches of the planet. In Earthlock: Festival of Magic, these secrets are more important than ever. Can you discover them in time to stop an ancient evil?

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is shaping up to be a JRPG player’s dream. This is doubly true for Wii U owners who find their console library to be particularly lacking in the genre. Aside from the standard JRPG mechanics, the game lets you grow your own ammunition for combat , and combat works through protector and warrior pairs, allowing you to mix and match abilities within your party.

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Cosmochoria - FF

“A tiny, naked cosmonaut with a jetpack & laser blaster must revive a dying galaxy by planting one seed at a time.”

When you think of a cosmonaut, what do you picture? Nate Schmold’s mental image is apparently one of nakedness and tenderly nurturing the universe into realizing its glory. After playing the bit of Cosmochoria that’s available to the public, I’m surprisingly okay with it. There are some, however, who would rather see this rocketeer in the raw fail at his mission, allowing the universe to die once and for all.

Cosmochoria is delightful in a way that is hard to put into words. It’s sweet, simple, and surprisingly therapeutic. Watching space spring back into life elicits the same kind of wonder you got as a kid—the kind when you watched the seed you planted in a Styrofoam cup for your science class actually sprout.


The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock

The Weird Story FF

“An old school point and click adventure with horror and black humor for PC & MAC.”

When one has too much money to spend and too much time to kill, what should he or she do? Become a caped vigilante seeking revenge for the death of their parents. Study the dark arts, of course! Preferably in the ancient home of a powerful wizard who was burned at the stake. I mean, what could honestly go wrong? In The Weird Story of Waldemar the Warlock, Lord Alistair Ainsworth does just that, but, unfortunately things do actually go quite wrong. Will he have the strength to combat the dark forces that linger in his new humble abode, or will he join their side all too eagerly? That’s for you to decide.

This 2D point-and-click is equal parts homage to adventure games past and love letter to classic horror flicks. It also has a demo, which you can check out here ( If loving eccentric wizards with good hair is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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Still Alive

Still Alive FF

“A 2D Multiplayer Platformer PVP Survival Game for PC, Mac & Linux.”

A meteorite crash landed into Earth twenty-five years ago. You are one of the lucky ones who managed to see it and tell the tale. Unfortunately, things got even worse, and one could argue that you’re one of the unlucky ones now. Trying to survive against an extraterrestrial infection is bad enough when you only have the gross alien-creature-things to worry about, but you against them and everyone else? Cruel.

Still Alive is a 2D multiplayer survival game that pits you against other players as you fight to live another day in post-apocalyptic Earth. In order to stay alive, you’ll have to gather food, craft weapons, and fight off hordes of monsters as well as enemy players. As of now, the game is exclusively a multiplayer experience.

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Dead Synchronicity

Dead Synchronicity - FF

“Old-school 2D graphic adventure game featuring space-time distortions, a dystopian atmosphere… and a dark, bloodstained plot.”

The Great Wave turned the world into a post-apocalyptic playground for ruthless authorities with the worst of intentions. If that wasn’t bad enough, it created a pandemic turning those who survived into the Dissolved—people gifted with impressive cognitive abilities who will eventually dissolve into puddles of blood. (Ew). To make things even worse, time will dissolve itself, too. In Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today players will take on the role of Michael as he attempts to uncover who he really is and correct the wrongs caused by the Great Wave before it’s too late.

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is a 2D point-and-click adventure inspired by games like The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle and draws its darker influences from games like I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream. The game boasts an impressive expressionist art style, a wonderfully atmospheric soundtrack by Kovalski, and all of the standard point-and-click fare you’ve come to expect from the genre, with a little something special thrown in here and there. If its demo  is any indication, this is an adventure you won’t want to miss.

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