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Hello. It’s me. Elle. As you can tell from the title, Nathan is gone. Sources have told us he is without Internet, but I am not so easily convinced. He could have been eaten by manatees or happened across a criminal extraterrestrial plot and is fighting to save Earth as we know it. Time will only tell. For now, I am humbled to present to you this week’s Funding Fridays. As such, I can promise you three things: Bad art (see above), five really cool indie games that need your help to become a reality, and two honorable mention games that have fully reached funding but are really neat anyway.

Without further ado, I present to you Stasis, Bloom, Dyscourse, Imagine Nations, and Her Majesty’s SPIFFING. As a friendly reminder, it is inadvisable to throw money at your monitor, and it is equally inadvisable to insert any sort of tender into your disk drive or any other crevice of your computer. It is, however, extremely advisable to click on the provided links for more information on whatever strikes your fancy.



Stasis is a 2D isometric, point-and-click adventure game for Windows & OSX, set in the distant future on a desolate spacecraft. John Maracheck must interact and solve puzzles to save his family, while uncovering horrific experimentation, illicit research and an ever deepening mystery.”

Stasis is particularly interesting because you can play it. RIGHT NOW. An alpha version is available. RIGHT HERE. It’s gorgeous. It’s spooky. It’s delightful terrifying. Lovers of the point-and-click genre like myself may find the adventure of John Maracheck one worth taking.


Kickstarter | Website | Twitter



“Many years ago, forgotten relics of the world began to stir. They are what we now know as the abominations: life trapped in cold machines, seemingly mindless and uncaring, focused only on their desperate attempts to reclaim a world that was once their home…” – Pilum

Bloom is an extraordinarily unique action RPG. It’s everything you expect from the genre, but it still manages to go the extra mile and give you something more. It has the visuals, the music, and the narrative to keep even AAA gamers engrossed. More impressively though, it experiments with the idea of using non-violent methods to achieve your goals, but it keeps the option available for those of you who like it that way, you sword swinging maniacs, you.

Kickstarter |Website | Twitter



“A PC survival game like you’ve never seen. Emergent story, group psychology, and the struggle to endure, in the absurd Owlchemy style.”

Dyscourse tackles the survival genre by focuses on, well, the ones doing the surviving. You play as Rita, who will lead the survivors to their salvation…or perhaps the opposite…based on the choices you make for yourself and company. Owlchemy Labs is dedicated to creating a game with dynamic story branching—meaning you and your buddies can play it several times over and still manage to get different endings each time. It’s packaged with solid gameplay, a creative visual style, and most importantly CATS. Consider me sold.

Kickstarter | Website | Twitter

Imagine Nations 

Imagine Nations

“A genre defying sandbox game that combines elements from all of your favorite games in a procedurally generated universe.”

Imagine Nations sets you down into a procedurally generated voxel universe that lives with or without you. You’ll be part of one of many cultures, but from there, the rest is up to you. The possibilities are almost endless. Choose to help it grow by interacting with it directly, or leave it be and simply observe. You can take the bad guy route, too, if you so choose—you know who you are.

Kickstarter |Website | Twitter

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING


Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a quaint point and click adventure game following the exploits of Captain Frank Lee English and his trusted regional accented colleague, Alad, as they travel through the cosmos in search of new planets to claim for the British Empire.” 

Her Majesty’s SPIFFING is a quintessentially British point-and-click adventure following the footsteps of adventure titles past.  Her Majesty is looking to expand, and you’re just the man to do it. Explore the cosmos, interact with everyone you meet along the way, solve puzzles, look for clues, and play mini-games, and do it all for Queen and Country. It’s a point-and-click made for point-and-clickers by point-and-clickers, and if the videos are anything to go by, it’s going to be downright hilarious.

Kickstarter |Website | Twitter

Honorable Mentions 

Ah, yes. It’s THAT time, and I feel it’s worth noting that these games are not mentioned honorably due to a lack of interest because they really are very interesting, indeed. It is, instead, because they have already been incredibly successful and met their funding goals, but their deadlines still haven’t been reached. Regardless, Indie Game HQ thinks you’ll enjoy them. Here they are, in five words.

DEX: Cyberpunk story-driven stealth sidescrolling RPG.

CATACOMB KIDS: Procedurally generated platformer roguelike awesomeness.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Funding Fridays! Be sure to check in next week for more indie delights, and check out last week’s if you haven’t. If you feel inclined to back one (or more) of the campaigns, please do so. Remember, these games are made possible because of you!

Additionally, feel free to leave a comment linking a project you think should be included in next week’s roundup, even if it’s your own.

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