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Echoes of Eridu

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Last Life

Last Life

“A sci-fi noir adventure game in which you investigate your own murder.”

Eleven years ago, the Earth, and everyone who still called it home, met their demise. Jack Parker, a private investigator and our protagonist, was one of the “lucky” ones. Though, he didn’t exactly see it that way, and his past continued to haunt him, even to his last day. You see, Jack was murdered, gunned down and left for dead. Fortunately for him, that’s only where our story begins.

Unlucky Jack is about to get a little bit luckier. A chance at justice is about to come his way. On MarsTopia, the day after Jack is killed, is the annual Dead Man’s Party. A holiday in which the dead are given a chance to live again. Thanks to technology, Parker and all those who were recently lost are 3D printed, given a new body, and just enough time to enjoy the festivities. Although, Jack doesn’t plan on joining the party. He has four hours to escape the 3D printing lab, re-open his murder investigation, and track down the person who took him from this world. This, is Last Life.

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“ The world’s first fully immersive Cyberpunk adventure made exclusively for the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality System.”

Set in a near-future Cyberpunk world, Technolust is hoping to take virtual reality to the next level. Using this technology, the player will be able to “deeply explore a fully realized, living, breathing world”, and actually feel like they are part of the game. How you is play is entirely dependent on the choices you will have to make.

In the early 21st century, the corporations have taken control of nearly everything; bought politicians, your intellectual property is no longer yours, and the world as you knew it no longer exists. With every dictatorship there is a resistance. A pocket of people fighting back for their freedom. These are the hackers, pirates and phreaks. Band together and fight oppression.. or just hang out in an arcade playing video games.. The choice is yours.

Kickstarter | Website | Greenlight



“Explore a beautifully innovative action adventure with stunning art and groundbreaking metroidvania style gameplay!”

At first glance, Source looks just absolutely beautiful, but we all know that graphics aren’t everything. Fenix Fire utilized some of the latest techniques in high end lighting and particle effects to create an immensely immersive world filled with puzzles, powerful creatures and upgrades galore. In addition to the aforementioned, there are two world to explore; The World of Light and The World of Darkness.

Existing in an alternate universe, the player controls a firefly-looking creature with a unique ability; the power to manipulate and control energy with every living being in a strange, bio luminescent world. Unfortunately, the world in question is under attack, being devoured by a sinister and relentless dark energy that is literally tearing the world apart, and it is your destiny as the last of your kind to stop the terrible threat of extinction.

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The Eldritch Cases: Dagon

The Eldritch Cases Dagon

“The Eldritch Cases: Dagon is a 3rd person horror point&click adventure based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Win/Mac/Linux”

Welcome to the town of Innsmouth, located in New England, the year is 1927. Secretly run by the notorious Esoteric Order of Dagon, lead by the ever so wonderful Dr. Herbert West, who also runs the Innsmouth Hospital for the Criminally Insane. Totally not creepy at all!

In late October, Prohibition Agents get word on suspicious behavior on a small island just off the coast of Innsmouth – Fishermen report sightings of strange looking people hiding between the rocks of the otherwise deserted island, and strange chantings coming from there by night. Convinced this is a cover-up for alcohol smugglers the department sends out a landing team to investigate … an investigation that swiftly turns into a nightmare that only one of them survives with luck.

Explore everything Innsmouth has to offer, including such lovely locations: an asylum, morgues, graveyards and the famous sewer system. All the while interacting with the colorful characters that inhabit this godforsaken town. With some luck, and a lot of pointing and clicking, uncover the secret plans of the Dagon order, while trying to make it out alive.

Kickstarter | Website | Facebook

Echoes of Eridu

Echoes of Eridu

“Take one part Mega Man X and one part roguelike goodness. Add multiplayer. Stir generously.”

Question: Do you like platformers, replayability, action-packed battles, twitch-reflex puzzle solving, roguelikes, pre-game loadouts, literally hundreds of different items to collect, and even having friends join the party in your choice of local or online co-op?! If you answered yes to some of those then this game might peak your interest. If you answered yes to all of them, you’re very particular when it comes to video games, but Echoes of Eridu is exactly what you’re looking for. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg my friends. My digital taste buds are tingling.

In addition to the virtually delicious concoction that I mentioned above, there’s even a back-story to all the destruction you will cause. Put simply, “sh*t has gone crazy and you are our only hope.” Sounds good to me. Put less simply:

In the distant past (2045), a legendary inventor working for EZN, the world’s largest online retailer, creates the Enterprise NeuroKinetic Intelligence (ENKI) to help with simple sorting jobs around the factory. ENKI gains sentience and accidentally starts a robot revolution. Fast forward to 2090. ENKI feels really, really bad about wiping out humanity, so he tries to empower the last few survivors to fight back (that’s you!) by turning them into robo-man hybrids. ENKI resides in the ancient shipping facility of Eridu, floating high in orbit somewhere above Earth. If you can reach Eridu via a network of clumsily designed teleporters connecting EZN’s various facilities, humanity might be safe — for now.

So take a few minutes, check out the Kickstarter, the Steam Greenlight page and possibly even watch a trailer. So far, things are looking well for Batterystaple Games, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still need your support. They have said they’ll stop development when they starve. Let’s help them not starve.

Kickstarter | Website | Greenlight

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