Funding Fridays – Leave None Behind, Ashen Rift, Oscar, Red Goddess, and The UnEarth Initiative

Leave None Behind FF

Hello! Welcome to Funding Fridays. The team at IGHQ has selected five indie projects that need your help to become a reality. Without further ado, say hello to: Leave None Behind, Ashen RiftOscar, Red Goddess, and The Unearth Initiative.

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Leave None Behind

Leave None Behind FF

“Take control of three captives. Your task is to find a way out, overcome puzzling obstacles, and discover why you are there.”

Leave None Behind follows the lives of three soldiers during WWII—Wilhelm, a German engineer; Nikolai, a Ukrainian bus-of-a-man; and a marine named Jack, the most agile of the bunch. They are offered refuge from the war by a mysterious man, but, as you may expect, not everything is as it seems, and the three will have to work together if any of them want to come out alive.

Leave None Behind is a 2D puzzle-platformer in which the player must switch between the three soldiers in order to overcome obstacles. If games like Thomas Was Alone and The Cave tickle your fancy, you might want to check out the game’s demo here.

Kickstarter | Website | Facebook


Ashen Rift

Ashen Rift FF

“A first person action / horror story following a man and his dog Bounder on their journey to get to the source of Earths dire situation.”

I’m not just a dog person. I’m a “cross-the-street-to-play-with-that-puppy” kind of dog person, the kind of person who is overjoyed to be woken up at crazy hours in the morning by the pitter patter of little paws and squeaky toys. From Poshul (Chrono Cross) to mabari war hounds (Dragon age), canine companions are a must in-game. When I stumbled upon Ashen Rift, I just about died.

Ashen Rift is a survival horror about a man and his dog as they to save what’s left of Earth. Bounder, the protagonist’s dog, is an integral part of the game for both its story and its gameplay. Enemies can be killed, manipulated, or completely avoided. Ashen Rift seeks to provide a AAA gameplay experience for players of any skill level and play style.



Oscar FF

“A young girl’s story finds a voice in a game about the problems we couldn’t explain growing up.”

A lot happens in the journey from birth to adulthood, and, well, growing up is hard. You experience new things that are oftentimes pretty scary, and sometimes you experience things that you shouldn’t really have to. You probably promised yourself you wouldn’t forget what it was like to be a kid. Oscar wants to make sure you remember.

Oscar plops you into the shoes of a young girl named—you guessed it—Oscar and her stuffed companion, Flynn. Her once pleasant dreams grow more and more insidious. What does this mean for the reality behind her imagination? It’s up to you to find out. Oscar is a 2D platformer that uses empathy to tell its narrative, making the experience unique for each player.

Kickstarter | Website | Facebook


Red Goddess

Red Goddess FF

“Explore the mind of a goddess! Deep inside the subconscious… An action/adventure game with distinctive atmosphere and gameplay.”

Divine is sick. Something or someone forgotten from her past is killing her. To rectify the problem, she deep dives into her own mind, determined to remember the fragments of history that have been pushed out of her consciousness.

Red Goddess is an action-adventure title by Yanim Studios. It is a split-character game, in which Divine alternates between two elements, Chill and Fury, in order to solve puzzles. Additionally, she has the power to possess enemies. Though the world of Divine’s subconscious is beautiful, it holds many a sinister secret.

Kickstarter | Website | Greenlight


The UnEarth Initiative

Unearth Initiative FF

“Help outcasts colonize an alien planet in this comic sci-fi sim game by veteran developers.”

The UnEarth Initiative has been sending Earth’s worst and dullest into space since 2059. As the least awful of them all—or maybe the most awful—you’ve been selected as the leader for the 1,000,000th UnEarth Initiative colonization mission. Lucky you!

The UnEarth Initiative is a procedurally generated survival sim in which you attempt to lead your fellow voyagers into colonial glory by exploring, building, gathering resources, and dealing with other species. While this is undeniably a difficult feat for anyone, having a team comprised of Earth’s most undesirables certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

Kickstarter | Website | Greenlight

Thanks for checking out this week’s Funding Fridays! Be sure to check in next week for more indie delights. If you feel inclined to back one (or more) of the campaigns, please do so. Remember, these games are made possible because of you!


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