Funding Fridays – Tulpa, Saga Heroes, Atajrubah, The Land of Eyas, and Shrug Island

Tulpa FF

Another week has gone by, which means that the battle for our Funding Fridays nominations has also passed. Few of us remain, but  five indie game projects that need your help have been chosen. Curious to see this week’s picks? Allow me to introduce Tulpa, Saga Heroes, Atajrubah, The Land of Eyas, and Shrug Island.

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Tulpa FF

“Tulpa is a game vacillating between weird puzzles and symbolic narrative, both seen through the prism of surreal artwork and atmospheric music”

A tulpa, from my understanding, is an independent entity that resides in your mind and is created by your willing it to existence. It speaks, thinks, and has opinions, just like you do. I’m certainly no expert, but the folks at Encryptique focus on the concept of “Tulpae in their upcoming puzzle-platformer Tulpa. The game follows the adventure of Ophelia and her tulpa, Oliver. While Ophelia can interact with physical surroundings, pushing and pulling various items, Oliver interacts with otherworldly objects.

Tulpa is a game about sanity that uses symbolism to tell its story and finds influences from titles like Limbo, American McGee’s Alice, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Combine that influence with the surrealist touches like those created by Salvador Dali and the atmospheric soundtrack by Red Aura, and you get one delightfully creepy product.

Indiegogo | Website | Greenlight


Saga Heroes

Saga Heroes - FF

“ From the creator of the award winning SAGA RTS comes an exciting new story-based RPG action/adventure game.

The Land of Gaia is slowly becoming corrupted by the Shadow, a cult whose one purpose is to summon the Elder God of Death, Goth-Azul to the land. You, being nothing more than a lowly villager who owns not but the clothes on your back, are clearly the most qualified person to take them down. It is up to you save the world as you know it. No pressure.

Saga Heroes is a top-down action-adventure RPG for PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, and both Apple and Android devices. It’s created by the team that brought you the MMORTS, Saga and takes place in the same world. Saga attempts to focus three principles: engaging gameplay, storytelling, and an immersive world.



Atajrubah FF

“ Atajrubah is an Arabian inspired survival game for the Oculus Rift. Think Minecraft meets DayZ meets the Middle East, but with Ghuls and Djinn instead of Zombies or Creepers.”

Have you ever thought about how much cooler it would be to fight zombies in Minecraft while exploring the wonders of the land while riding a camel all and experiencing the whole thing through the Oculus Rift? No? Me either. Until Atajrubah.

Atajrubah is a survival game that operates like DayZ and Minecraft with a Middle Eastern setting. Instead of zombies or creepers, you’ll find Ghuls and Djinn (Jinn). Instead of riding around on pigs, you’ll ride around on camels. The game has a playable alpha, which you can try here.

Indiegogo | Website | Greenlight


The Land of Eyas

Land of Eyas FF

” From a group of indie lovers who were not satisfied with the status quo, comes an idea that will turn gravity upside down – literally!”

In The Land of Eyas, things don’t work they way you’re used to. “Up” doesn’t always mean up, and “down” doesn’t always mean down. Eyas, the cat-clothed protagonist has had his life turned upside down (sometimes literally), and must master the forces of this mysterious world in order to return home.

The Land of Eyas is a puzzle-platformer that requires players to look at the stages from different perspectives in order to accomplish their goals. It has captivated me since I watched its trailer for the first time. Maybe it’s the adorably designed characters or its quirky gravity mechanics. It could also be its charming art style. There’s just so much to love.

Kickstarter | Website | Greenlight


Shrug Island

Shrug Island FF

“A hand-drawn adventure game about hope in the mysterious, organic world of the Shrugs. Ambient story, magic and animated music puzzles.”

Shrug Island is a game of wonder. It is a game about music and nature. It is a game about mystery and a game about life. It is a game that began as an animated film that touched audiences everywhere and took a journey with various turns until it finally started to become what it is now. It is a game that is charming in every way and almost impossible not to love. The inhabitants of the land of Shrug migrate once a year as their island becomes submerged under water. They return afterwards and return to their usual lives.

Shrug Island is a 2D point-and-click adventure that focuses on the lives of the Shrugs after they return from their migration period.  The game will be released in several episodes and will feature the adventures of Li, Shri, Ney, and Toti as they communicate and interact with the world around them. Shrug Island is not an adventure you want to miss out on.

Kickstarter | Website | Greenlight

Thanks for checking out this week’s Funding Fridays! Be sure to check in next week for more indie delights. If you feel inclined to back one (or more) of the campaigns, please do so. Remember, these games are made possible because of you!


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  • Stephen Hoskins

    Thanks for all the kind words on The Land of Eyas, Elle! We’re totally posting this on our Kickstarter page! =D

    -Stephen (the Programmer)

    • Elle

      Thanks Stephen! We’ll be keeping an eye on the project!

  • Shrug Worlds

    There’s some very exciting projects going on, THANKS Elle, for posting Shrug Island as one of them! (Though,the image with the seeds was from a previous Shrug game, we understand the confusion) Exciting to keep people updated as we go, good luck with all your work:)

    • Elle

      Thanks for letting us know! The image is has been changed. We can’t wait to see the finished product!

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