GameCrafterTeam Officially Unveils Sci-Fi Mech Shooter ‘ProjectNimbus’


After months of development, GameCrafterTeam has officially announced their upcoming episodic mech-shooter ProjectNimbus, which is set to release later this year. ProjectNimbus takes place in the distant future where mankind has destroyed their planet thus forcing them to head to the sky. Despite the previous devastation, fighting still prevails, and the war is far from over. Take to the sky and help tip the balance of power, or the human race will ultimately destroy themselves. The Thailand-based game developers have previously released two titles: Smash Cat and HyperSonic 4.

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About ProjectNimbus:

ProjectNimbus is a high-speed robot action game built on the Unreal Development Kit for PC. Players control human shaped war machines armed with an arsenal of weapons called “BattleFrames”. This game features high-speed robot action, missiles massacre, total flying freedom, intense action and many types of BattleFrame to pilot. If intense battle scenes in Japanese mech animations capture your imagination, this is definitely what you are looking for.




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