GameCrafterTeam’s Smash Cat Releases on PC

Smash Cat

GameCrafterTeam has released their second title Smash Cat today for PC with a Mac version possible in the near future. Smash Cat is currently only available through the PC Game Store, but it should be available through Get Games Go, GamersGate, Amazon among others later today for $3.99, GameCrafterTeam tried to take a more lighthearted approach to war than with their debut title HyperSonic 4. Smash Cat pits you as a heroic cat named Shintaro who is the planet’s last hope from the evil Kuroneko organization. This game can be enjoyable for gamers of any age and skill level which certainly makes the game enticing for those with children.

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About Smash Cat:

Smash Cat is a humorous action-arcade game that pits you as the planet’s only hope, a heroic cat named Shintaro. You must use your tank to fend off the invading Kuroneko organization as they aim to conquer the planet. The Kuroneko boast a wide array of weaponry that pose varied challenges throughout the game. You must battle through the enemy soldiers until you can destroy their ultimate weapon, the Metal Cat Cannon, and permanently bring an end to this war.

Gameplay Video:

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