Game Development Made Easy, Gameleon Launches Kickstarter


Romania-based company Gameleon has recently launched a Kickstarter for their groundbreaking new game development service. Gameleon allows you to easily develop and publish sandbox titles all within your browser with zero programming experience required. Not only does Gameleon offer much simpler game development, but they also host servers for your title. In an age where social gaming is so popular, this should be a welcomed addition the industry.

Not interested in making a game? Just like designing assets such as maps, skins, icons, textures, or AI scripts? Well you’re in luck as Gameleon will also feature an extensive asset market that allows you to sell your work to other interested game developers.

Gameleon is already very impressive even in this early state. It will get very interesting should they receive their Kickstarter funding. They offer an elaborate series of pledge tiers, each with great benefits that are enticing in their own ways.


Pledge Tiers:

  • For a minimum of £4 (roughly $6) you will be listed in the contributor credits and receive and exclusive Gameleon wallpaper.
  • For a minimum of £6 (roughly $9) you will receive beta access, a contributor account, thanks in the credits, an exclusive wallpaper, and a hug from the awesome Mihaela (or any other team member) at one of their conventions.
  • For a minimum of £16 (roughly $24) you will receive all the perks of the £6 pledge tier plus a “Think Games” t-shirt.
  • For a minimum of £19 (roughly $29) you will receive all the perks of the £16 pledge tier plus access to Gameleon 21 days early.
  • For a minimum of £25 (roughly $38) you will receive all the perks of the £19 pledge tier plus 1 month free once Gameleon fully launches.
  • For a minimum of £25 (roughly $38) you will receive beta access, influence in development, 14 day early access to Gameleon, and become a Developer Community Contributor.
  • For a minimum of £33 (roughly $50) you will you will receive all the perks of the £25 pledge tier plus 2 months free once Gameleon launches.
  • For a minimum of £130 (roughly $197) you will receive a Gameleon hardware console that comes preinstalled with their virtual machine kit.

There are still 30 days left to contribute to this great Kickstarter with a goal set at £30,900/$46,700. The pledge tiers certainly are enticing as each one is packed with great perks. Even if you don’t want to pledge anything to the Kickstarter, at least give Gameleon a few minutes of your time. It is a rather interesting service that could become a fixture in game development, or at least spur a new trend. Their slew of awards and various strong partnerships seems to ensure that Gameleon has a strong foundation set for a bright future.

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Kickstarter Video:

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