IGN and GamersGate Pull the Plug on “Permanent” 15% Prime Discount


Remember back in the good ole days when signing up for IGN Prime would net you a permanent 15% discount on every item purchased at GamersGate? According to some very upset members on the IGN forums it seems that discount will be gone soon and won’t be coming back.

Over the weekend gamers started receiving the following email:

Your IGN Prime discount at GamersGate is about to expire


We just wanted to let you know that the IGN Prime discount promotion will soon expire. We hope you’ve enjoyed your 15% discount and that you’ll still stick with us both at GamersGate (for all your games) and IGN (for all your news).

The IGN Prime 15% off discount will stop working in approx. 48 hours, but considering that we’ve already entered our yearly holiday sales (this one is going to be bigger than ever before!) there will still be lots of games and awesome deals to be had!

GG Team

PS. Of course your loyal Prime pet won’t leave your Minion’s side =)
PPS. Unless you don’t like him… In that case we can confirm that Minion-Pet-heaven really does exist. We promise.

Obviously gamers were confused by this, especially when the 15% GamersGate discount was advertised very clearly as a “permanent” feature of signing up for IGN Prime. Giving the benefit of the doubt, some users decided to write in to GamersGate, asking what was up with the change in this previously awesome policy.

User wright316uk shared this communication:

wright316uk: just had this response when talking to gamers gate

GamersGate: I believe “permanent” was used to illustrate that you would only need to enter it once, then the code would keep providing the discount. I definitely understand the confusion. However, the promotion is tied to a contract which in turn has now ended, so I apologize for the poor wording and hope you understand.
The promotional material should be coming down very soon, if not already.

We hope that our future sales will make the loss of the 15% IGN discount less disappointing.

So it’s a case of mislabeled nomenclature, then? No? It seems that there’s a rather significant miscommunication happening between GamersGate, IGN, and the many gamers who’ve signed up for IGN Prime.

Users on the IGN board are expressing their disappointment with the decision and voicing their willingness to drop IGN Prime altogether with the loss of the discount. Longtime IGN member disorbtion1 said, “If the 15% will be going away I will also be unsubscribing from IGN as I have no reason at all to do it anymore.”

Here is the original wording used when subscribers first verified their IGN Prime accounts with GamersGate (credit to Wraien):

gamersgate ign prime

Over at GamersGate boards, members have voiced their concerns as well in an extremely long and growing thread. It seems that gamers aren’t all too thrilled with the purported flip-flopping of the use of the word permanent. Ultimately the burden is on GamersGate and IGN to make sure they find a way to keep their customers happy.

As it stands right now, IGN seems to have the biggest uphill battle in maintaining Prime subscribers. The GamersGate discount was a huge pull for Prime and without that feature many gamers are reconsidering their options. GamersGate received a lot of exposure during the promotion, and it’s likely that they’ll continue to see repeated sales so long as they continue to offer a wide selection of titles.

We’ve reached out to both GamersGate and IGN for comment, and will keep you updated as information rolls in.

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  • Dav

    Please look up the definition of “permanent”, as found in Oxford English dictionary (http://www.oed.com/search?searchType=dictionary&q=permanent&_searchBtn=Search):
    …Continuing or designed to continue or last indefinitely without change; abiding, enduring, lasting; persistent. Opposed to temporary….

    Great move on IGN’s part…

  • Claes

    Well, to be honest, I did use gamersgate, since they started it, bought paradox games long ago.
    I also was an IGN prime member for years, even when they used another name for their site long ago.

    Funny is: I did NOT receive any email communication at all from either IGN or Gamersgate!

    Except yesterday a mail from ign, that links to a silly facebook group(sorry, but some people will NOT use facebook, since its conflicting with the idea of an open internet) and in that email they reacted to all the reactions of customers on their decision to pull the discount, but why is there no email sent before that?

    And honestly, you can invite people to a facebook discussion group, but do you really think people will become a cattlepiece(oops, they call it member) of facebook to be ABLE to read it?
    No, I do not join such sites and expect OPEN PUBLIC ACCESSIBLE discussions forums for customers, instead of closed membership groups on a third party based site.

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