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Girl With A Laser Cannon

What started as a Ludum Dare project has blossomed into a full game, complete with its own IndieGoGo campaign. Girl With A Laser Cannon, by OmNomCom, is a procedurally generated shooter with a bird’s eye view. Currently, GWALC has raised $458 out of the $35,000 goal, but as you can see from the tweet below, Ashley Ross has stated that the game will be made regardless of the amount raised. Girl With A Laser Cannon has 9 days left to raise as much as possible.

GWALC IndieGoGo Page | OmNomCom | Twitter | Facebook

About Girl With A Laser Cannon

Girl With a Laser Cannon is a randomly generated top-down shooter, with a compelling single player story, and plenty of engaging multiplayer modes. A blend of familiar twin-stick shooter gameplay with physics puzzles, deformable terrain, millions of weapons and a unique mode for Android+iOS devices.

Current Features

  • Basic multiplayer code.
  • Login system.
  • Main logic thread.
  • Lighting engine.
  • Procedural terrain generation.
  • Simple deathmatch mode.

Girl With A Laser Cannon

Planned Features

  • Campaign mode.
  • Friends list.
  • Matchmaking.
  • Procedural weapons gen.
  • Player customization.
  • Various multiplayer modes.
  • Online scoreboard/stats.
  • Mobile apps.

IndieGoGo Video

About OmNomCom

OmNomCom is a games studio, based in Manchester, the north of England. Currently comprising of 1 full-time developer, and 2-3 contracters, our goal is to bring you fun and innovative games.

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