Introducing Groupees Build A Greenlight Bundle 2

Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 2

The Build a Greenlight bundle has returned better than ever! Groupees has brought back the immensely popular bundle 9 new titles to choose from. You can choose as low as 2 titles for a minimum of $1.50 or all 9 titles for a minimum of $5.25. Each of these 9 games, as you guessed it, are currently on Steam Greenlight. If you purchase this bundle you will not only receive the Desura and/or direct download, but you will also receive a Steam key when available.

Bundle Options:

The bundle is still available for another 6 days and 12 hours as of this article. Still plenty of time to unlock the remaining 3 bonuses, the next being Reversion: The Meeting at 2,500 sales. Diamonds Under Fire’s self-titled album has already been unlocked and is available for download with any purchase. If the bonuses aren’t enough to convince you, then the charity just might be enough. 20% of all proceeds from the bundle will be donated to Kaedyn Ballew, a two year old who was recently diagnosed with A.L. Leukemia. That is the great trend with these bundles. They’ve certainly evolved as they are not only a substantial avenue for gamers to purchase games, but they provide a great source of revenue for notable charities or people in need.

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  • stephen dini

    You should add a link to the bundle web site for the lazy.

    • James Deputy

      Yea, sorry about that. My mistake.

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