Groupees Unveils Build A Bundle 5

Groupees Build A Bundle 5

Groupees has unveiled the Build A Bundle 5. After their wildly successful Be Mine Anniversary Bundle, there was high expectations for this bundle. At first glance the Build A Bundle 5 offers pretty nice assortment of titles to choose from with lots more bonuses on the way. Build A Bundle is exactly as it sounds, you get to decide which games you want, and no matter how many games you decide to buy, all the bonuses are thrown in absolutely free. The minimum purchase is 2 games for $1.50, and it slowly goes up in small increments until you get all 10 games for a minimum of $5.25.

Bundle Includes:

  • Dawning – Desura/Direct Download for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Dawnstar - Desura/Direct Download for Windows/Mac
  • Lume - Steam/Direct Download for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Manhunter - Desura/Direct Download for Windows
  • Marvin’s Mittens - Desura/Direct Download for Windows/Mac
  • Nethergate: Resurrection - Steam/Direct Download for Windows/Mac
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee - Steam/Direct Download for Windows
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus - Steam/Direct Download for Windows
  • Spellforce: Platinum Edition – Steam for Windows
  • Storm in a Teacup - Steam/Direct Download for Windows/Mac
  • BONUS: Ancient Astronauts Collection
  • BONUS: Kabanjak Collection
  • BONUS: 2 from ‘Originator’ by Brooke Waggoner
  • BONUS: Rumble video by Brooke Waggoner

The bundle has a little over 6 days and 12 hours remaining, and it is currently roughly 550 sales away from unlocking the second bonus which is Millenium 2: Take Me Higher from Aldorlea Games. Should you be interested there is an option to donate 20% of your purchase to the great charity Child’s Play.


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