Updated: Groupees Unveils Their Be Mine Anniversary Bundle

Groupees Be Mine Anniversary Bundle

With the seemingly never-ending flood of great bundles in the past 24 hours, it is almost hard to keep track of them all. Well with Groupees being the last one getting coverage, they certainly made the biggest splash. Groupees has unveiled their highly anticipated Be Mine Anniversary Bundle. For a simple purchase of $1 or more you will receive 5 games and 2 albums, but if you pay $5 or more you will receive 5 additional games and 2 albums.

$1 or More:

  • Eschalon Book III – Steam/DRM-Free for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • iBomber Defense Pacific - Steam/DRM-Free for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Livalink – Desura for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Major Mayhem - Desura/DRM-Free for Windows/Mac
  • Party of Sin – Steam/DRM-Free for Windows
  • Be Mine Anniversary Special EP
  • Square Tactics Album

$5 or More:

  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes – Steam for Windows/Mac
  • Men of War: Assault Squad – Steam for Windows
  • Planets Under Attack – Steam for Windows/Mac
  • Two Worlds 2 – Steam for Windows/Mac
  • Myster Game – It’s a mystery
  • Party of Sin Soundtrack
  • Two Worlds 2 Soundtrack

Another solid bundle and every game supplies either a Steam or Desura key while many have DRM-Free direct downloads as well. As of this article the bundle has sold around 4,700. If it manages to sell 5,000 bundles, which is pretty much guaranteed, Groupees will unlock an additional bonus album, Recalibrated Vol. 1 by Desert Dwellers. There are still 13 days and over 12 hours before this bundle concludes, so you have plenty of time to consider it.

UPDATE: The next bonus has unlocked so Recalibrated Vol. 1 by Desert Dwellers has been unlocked. If the bundle sells 7,000, Groupees will now unlock Dungeons: The Dark Lord by Kalypso Media.

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