HandyGames Reveals End of the World Apocalyptic Sale


HandyGames, one of the leading independent mobile developers, has announced that they will be hosting an end of the world sale that will run from now until December 21st. With the supposed impending doom looming in the distance, they figure what better way to enjoy yourself than to have some great app games for virtually any platform? If for some reason this ancient civilizations “prediction”, without any knowledge of leap years, is incorrect, then you have some great games that are yours to keep. The sale features tons of games through Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and the Nook marketplace.


Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom – AmazonGoogle PlayNook

Bulldozer Inc. – Google PlayNook

Candy Carnage – Amazon

Casino Crime – AmazonGoogle PlayNook

Clouds & Sheep Premium – AmazonGoogle Play - iTunes

Cyberlords: Arcology – AmazonGoogle Play

Farm Invasion USA Premium – AmazonGoogle PlayiTunesNook

Guns’n'Glory – AmazonGoogle Play - iTunes

Guns’n'Glofy WW2 Premium – AmazonGoogle PlayNook

Happy Viking – AmazonGoogle Play

InfeCCt – AmazonGoogle PlayNook

InfeCCt: Gold Version – iTunes

Panzer Panic – AmazonGoogle PlayNook

Save the Puppies Premium – AmazonGoogle PlayiTunesNook

Shark or Die – AmazonGoogle Play

Super Dynamite Fishing Premium – Google Play - iTunes

Tattoo Mania – Google Play

Tattoo Mania: Halloween Edition – Google Play

Tattoo Tycoon – Amazon – Google Play

Townsmen 6 – AmazonGoogle PlayNook

Townsmen Premium - Amazon - Google Play - iTunesNook

About HandyGames:

HandyGames™ is one of the leading independent developers and publishers of mobile games for iOS and Android. The company has an international distribution network and has developed numerous international bestsellers, including Guns’n’Glory, Townsmen, Clouds & Sheep, and Super Dynamite Fishing. HandyGames™ is based in Giebelstadt, Germany, and was founded in 2000 by Markus Kassulke, Christopher Kassulke and Udo Bausewein.

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