‘Humans Must Answer’ Debuts New Trailer Featuring A New Planet

Humans Must Answer

Sumom Games, a creative team consisting of members whose previous work includes the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series and Xenus II: White Gold, has released a new trailer for their debut title as an indie team. The trailer, which showcases the city of New Uruk (located on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede), continues to show the diversity of level design in Humans Must Answer.

While on New Uruk, you’ll come across the game’s first formidable boss, Sheriff Gilgamesh. Here’s a sneak preview in GIF form. The animation shows Gilgamesh in his final and most powerful form.

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About ‘Humans Must Answer

You play as the pilot on board a Scout ship called The Golden Eagle, which is manned by a crew of intelligent and dangerous chickens. After responding to a distress call that leads them to the Solar System in which we humans reside, they attempt to establish contact but are surprised when the only answer is hostile. So starts their explosive trip across the planets, during which they’ll meet the peculiarities of this bizarre future and show no mercy to the fleets of humans and robots that dare stand in their way.

Humans Must Answer has an emphasis on evading dangers, hidden bonuses, epic boss fights and a deep upgrade and points system. Placing temporary turrets and experimenting with different weapons is a must to pass through the most dangerous planetary defences.

Humans Must Answer will be released in 2013 for Windows PCs.

Key Features

  • Eye popping explosions and a spectacular destruction system
  • Combine weapons to devastating effect and deploy drone turrets
  • Subtle and surprising narrative that is integrated into the gameplay
  • Shop with a large number of upgrades for the ship and weapons
  • Tough boss battles that require thought as well as quick reactions
  • Secrets to discover and hidden eggs to collect but often at a risk



About Sumom Games

Sumom Games is a small independent game studio based in Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded by Denis Matveenko and Eugeny Yatsuk in 2011. Our creative team consists of those with work experience in large companies over well-known projects such as the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and Xenus II: White Gold. Our goal is to create interesting, challenging and original games that combine elements from different genres. Humans Must Answer is our first project.

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