Humble Bundle Mojam 2 Kicks Off, 8 Games in 3 Days

Humble Bundle Mojam 2

The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 has kicked off with 6 developers agreeing to make 8 titles with all proceeds going straight to charity. Mojang, Oxeye, Wolfire, Vlambeer, Grapefrukt, ad Ludosity are all teaming up to raise funds for Block by Block and Electronic Frontier Foundation. Block by Block is an initiative by Mojang and UN Habitat that allows youth in urban areas to show planners how they want their city to look via Minecraft. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is an organization that seeks to defend everyone’s digital rights.

Mojang has agreed to lead the charge with 3 games in 3 days while the other 5 developers will each be creating 1 game. There is still over 73 hours left to support Mojam 2. Thus far 17,287 purchases have been made raising over $83,000. If you are interested there is a livestream that allows you to watch the developers as they create the games.

Humble Bundle | Mojang | Oxeye | Wolfire | Vlambeer | Grapefrukt | Ludosity


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