IGF Finalist ‘Ookibloks’ Now Available for iOS


Lampert & Sons have finally released their 2008 IGF finalist title Ookibloks for free on iOS. Ookibloks is an interesting mix of action and puzzles that requires quick thinking and fast hands. The game isn’t the most normal game either as it features flying kittens, chimps with missile launchers, and the ability to punch crabs, sharks, jellyfish, and other animals right in their faces. Help Ooki reclaim her land in this interesting adventure. Best of all, the game is free so you really have nothing to lose. The great soundtrack, vibrant colors, and fast-paced gameplay make it a no-brainer as to why Ookibloks was an IGF finalist.

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About Ookibloks:

Ooki has gotten into a spot of trouble! Washed up on a mysterious island full of cute but hostile characters, Ooki must help reclaim the island as a favor to the mysterious temple guardian in order to get home! Test your mind as well as your reflexes as you clear 100+ stages of fruit flinging, badguy bashing monkey mayhem!


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