‘IMPULSE’ by Matthias Falk Set to Release on December 9th

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IMPULSE, an 8 bit brick-breaking iOS game now has a set release date. Created by Matthias Falk, an indie developer from Southern Germany, IMPULSE is set to be available on December 9th, 2012. The price will be $0.99 upon release.

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IMPULSE is an 8-bit block breaking delight and a love letter to the old days of gaming. Running on all iOS mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Super sweet 8-bit presentation. It’s the 1980s all over again.
  • Tons of levels and secrets. Can you beat them all?
  • Super precise controls. It’s (pixel) perfect. Just like you.
  • Natural control scheme. You’re getting the best of both worlds. Either use your fingers to slide the controller or rely on good old directional buttons.
  • Super smooth 60 fps presentation. That is the maximum speed on your device.
  • Ultra challenging. The game is a real challenge. You’ll need all of your focus to win.
  • Full Game Center integration. Compete with your friends for highscores and get all achievements.



About Matthias Falk

My name is Matthias Falk. I am a devoted gamer and I love indie games especially. During the building process of my start-up I learned a lot about making software, and so I decided to make my own little game IMPULSE, coming for all iOS devices.

IMPULSE is done as a one-man show. It’s as “indie” as a game can get. Yet, I still believe, that a game is not about its budget, but about the amount of love and quality you are putting into the presentation and the gameplay. It’s much appreciated if you spread the word and download the upcoming app.

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    This is a great re-imagining of this genre. Too bad it’s not for android though :(

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