Indie Gala Launches the Flash Bundle

Indie Gala Flash Bundle

In a day riddled with exciting bundles, India Gala is getting in on the fun with their Flash Bundle. This bundle is unlike any in Indie Gala’s history. You must pay at least $1 to unlock the Steam key for Miner Wars Arena, and if you beat the average, currently $5.53, you will unlock 4 additional games. The majority of the games includes Steam or Desura keys.

Bundle Includes:

  • The Abbey - Windows (activates on Steam)
  • Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon + DLC
  • Miner Wars 2081 - Windows (activates on Steam)
  • Miner Wars Arena - Windows/Mac (activates on Steam)
  • Paranormal - Windows
  • Pathologic - Windows (activates on Desura)
  • Mystery Game

This bundle is one of the shorter bundles in Indie Gala history. You only have 6 days and 3 hours left to purchase this bundle so act quickly. As always Indie Gala will donate a portion of the proceeds to AbleGamers and Indie Gala Project X.


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