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Humans Must Answer

In Indie Game HQ’s latest preview, Nathan takes a look at Humans Must Answer by Sumom Games. Humans Must Answer is a 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up, or more commonly known, shmup. The demo contains four levels and even a special Easter egg that is very.. Starbound-esque. Unfortunately, the demo is missing some story elements, but not to worry, the main point is to focus on the gameplay.

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Humans Must Answer is a 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up set in space. You play as the pilot of the ship “The Golden Eagle” and lead a crew of intelligent yet dangerous chickens. Yeah.. chickens. You’re on a mission to make contact after discovering the galaxy in which we humans live. Unfortunately, the only answer you receive are waves of hostile enemy ships. Will chickens and humans ever be able to live in peace? Probably not.. Stupid humans.. Note: I may or may not be a chicken.

The controls for Humans Must Answer are a bit awkward at first, but nothing to gripe about. The arrow keys move your ship, Z will fire your energy machine gun, and X fires your heavier machine gun which can penetrate shields. If you press A, a turret will drop firing the same as Z and if you hit S, a turret will be placed that fire the same as X. Finally, the space bar activates your special ability. Overall, the controls are decent and easy to get used to, and the gameplay is very fun yet challenging. Humans Must Answer is not a cake-walk and will take determination, a quick mind, agile movements, and a trigger happy finger.

If you want to survive in Humans Must Answer, you’ll need to learn to use your varying abilities and guns to destroy enemies, turrets, and objects in your path. Some of those objects even drop silver and golden eggs, which are very important, as they are used to unlock better upgrades in the shop. Said upgrades are purchasable via money you earn throughout levels.

Humans Must Answer

The upgrade shop is split into 4 categories: Weapon, Special, Supply Armor, and Onboard. Under the Weapon category, you’ll be able to upgrade the two guns on your ship and also see damage, fire rate, and the energy/matter use. The Special category allows you to upgrade or change what special ability is installed on the ship. There are 3 specials that I know of, the first being slow-motion which, of course, allows you to slow down time for a short while. The other 2 specials are locked and I’m not going to spoil them, so I guess you’ll have to find them out on your own. Moving to the Supply Armor category, you’ll find the Energy Storage, Matter Storage, and Light Armor. Energy storage is for the amount of ammo your energy weapon has and the recharge rate, Matter Storage for the ammo for your  heavy machine gun, and Light Armor is for, you guessed it, the ship’s defense. The higher your defense, the less overall damage you will take. Finally, the Onboard category basically sums it all up. It shows every item you have installed and gives you the option to buy or sell upgrades.

Moving on from gameplay and features, Humans Must Answer has some absolutely gorgeous graphics. Every bit of eye candy in this game is very well done, and I’d like to thank the developers for that. From the background to the particle effects, all of the art assets are stunningly beautiful for a side-scrolling shmup. I have absolutely no complaints in the art department.

Humans Must Answer also features a great soundtrack and some awesome sound effects. The music is calm at the menus, but start a level and it pounds intensely only making the fast-paced dodging and shooting even more action packed. You’ll hear shooting, explosions, lasers, more shooting, and more explosions. What’s not to love!?

Overall, Humans Must Answer is definitely a personal recommendation of mine. The graphics are stunning, the audio is amazing, and the gameplay is fun and challenging. If you have yet to try the demo, it’s a must. You really won’t regret it.

Humans Must Answer is also on Kickstarter and Greenlight. If you’d like to donate or give them a thumbs up, all the needed links are below.

Humans Must Answer

Download the Demo (Windows Only): Directly from Sumom Games | DropBox

Note: If you are having issues playing the demo, go HERE.

Humans Must Answer is also on Kickstarter and Greenlight. So far, the crowd-funding has been decent, but they could definitely use a boost! As for the Greenlight campaign, they’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback, but could always use more votes. If you enjoy the demo, be sure to head over to their Kickstarter and Greenlight page and give them some money, a thumbs up, or both!

Kickstarter | Greenlight



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