Indie Game HQ Preview: ‘Thunder Wolves’ by Most Wanted Entertainment

Thunder Wolves

In Indie Game HQ’s latest preview, James took a look at Thunder Wolves by Most Wanted Entertainment. Thunder Wolves is chopper-based action game set to release this Spring for PC, XBLA, and PSN. The game seeks to simplify a genre that has seemingly gotten out of hand in recent years. Thunder Wolves features the greatly enjoyable arcade-style gameplay that allows you to completely enjoy yourself while blowing up anything and everything is hell storm of missiles.


Thunder Wolves puts gamers in the hot seat of an experienced helicopter group that has survived a flurry of bullets and caused more destruction than the Seventh United State Army. Gamers will embark on a variety of missions including high-risk convoy protection, deploying a commando on fast-moving train or unleashing hell on the battlefield.


The first level of the game is the tutorial which showcases all the controls and introduces a nice variety of weapons. The controls are extremely simple to figure out if you are using a controller, but if you try to use the keyboard it will take you a few minutes to get a grasp of the game. This was to be expected though, as they had warned me ahead of time that the keyboard controls were still going to be tuned prior to full release. Either way, I recommend trying the first level on casual before progressing further in the game.

Thunder Wolves

The tutorial of the game is pretty inclusive and starts out slow enough for you to grasp the controls of the game, but it quickly progresses from training simulation to all out war. Initially you’ll fight a few enemies as you test your various weapons and feel the differences. This will come in handy later on in the game when every shot counts more. In the tutorial you can afford to miss several shots in a row with little to no consequences, but later on you will take on onslaughts of enemies with barrages of missile and gunfire lighting up the areas.

Without spoiling too much any of the game each level consists of various objectives ranging from defending a position, rescuing a squad of troops, and eliminating high priority targets plus much, much more. Each mission becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress through the campaign. Best of all, if you are looking for a helping hand, the game features local co-op so you can have a friend jump into the fray with you. The game shouldn’t be difficult to the point that you give up, but it will be challenging enough that you won’t be able to breeze through each mission. The few levels I managed to play were interesting, properly timed, and intense at times.

The voice acting in Thunder Wolves was well done, and they provided interesting personalities. At times characters were humorous and made light of the intense combat situations. The sound effects in the game added to the overall experience. Constant explosions and gunfire was very pleasing to the ear, while the soundtrack provided an intense background audio. Think of your stereotypical 80s action movie’s soundtrack. Overall, the audio was excellent and certainly added to to the experience.

Thunder Wolves

Thunder Wolves featured stunning graphics for what it was. When combined with the audio it created a rather immersive experience. Typically with this genre, graphics are often overlooked, but Most Wanted Entertainment went the extra mile here by beautifully detailing everything from the choppers to the landscapes to the explosions. Graphics do not make or break a game in any way as far as I am concerned, but it is always a nice touch to see the developer take the time to make everything look the way it does.

Unfortunately I was unable to fully beat the game, but from what I played, I can honestly say I am very excited about Thunder Wolves. Even if you are not typically a fan of this genre, it is still worth looking into. I cannot recommend this game enough. The developer went all out with this game, and it certainly shows. Thunder Wolves is set to release this Spring for PC, PSN, and XBLA.

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