Indie Royale Launches the Lunar Bundle

Indie Royale

Indie Royale has just launched the Lunar Bundle. This bundle is unlike any other prior Indie Royale bundle as there are 3 mystery titles to go along with the 4 current titles. Currently the minimum purchase is at $4.96, but buy early to save as it will continue to climb. Either way Cargo Commander (check our review) alone is well worth the price of the bundle. Anyone who contributes over $8 will receive the album “Reawakening” by TDK. There are still over 6 days and 14 hours left to purchase the bundle, and I am sure the 3 mystery titles will be revealed sometime during that time frame.

Bundle Includes:

  • Back to the Future: The Game - Steam/Desura for PC/Mac, Direct Download for PC
  • Cargo Commander – Steam for PC/Mac
  • Dungeon Hearts – Steam for PC/Mac
  • Pid – Steam/Desura for PC/Mac, Direct Download for PC/Mac
  • 4 Mystery Titles


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