‘Jones On Fire’ by Glass Bottom Games Releases for iOS on February 21st

Jones on Fire

Jones on Fire, a run-and-jumper created by Glass Bottom Games, is set to release on iOS on February 21st. Jones on Fire was originally created for BlazeJam, a 48 hour charity game jam to benefit those affected by the Colorado wild fire season of 2012. The alpha was created in that 48 hours and polished in the following week, and you can still play the alpha if you buy the BlazeJam bundle. Since then, the game has been almost completely rebuilt with new art, mobile support, the substantial gameplay change, not to mention the overall level structure change.

Compared to the alpha, the game Jones On Fire is a whole other animal. That is, except for the kitties. Those are still the same animal.

Jones on Fire will be free upon release and the best part of this is the number of kitties that you will be able to save from the inferno. Emma Jones, the main character, is a hero to all with her cat saving abilities and a fearless leader as she fights past obstacles and flames to rescue as many cats as possible. Be sure to check the App Store on the 21st so you can be the Emma (hero) we all deserve.

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About Jones on Fire

Jones On Fire is a run-and-jumper about firefighter Emma Jones (who is one tough cookie) and kitties (which should be saved). As Jones, you’ll be tasked with running through 10 levels of hilly terrain, much of it on fire, for one purpose only: to save the kitties! Through saving kitties, you’ll gradually unlock the true potential of Jones, which will allow you to save even MORE kitties. Dominate your friends on the kitty-saving leaderboards, and gain the adoration of millions of cats! … but the cats will probably play it cool.



About Glass Bottom Games LLC

Glass Bottom Games LLC is a Denver-based independent developer of video games for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. It was founded by industry veterans in 2011, with Lisa Foster on production, Megan Fox on tech, and Dennis Dryden on art. Our focus? We create exciting, new player-centric worlds where interactivity, exploration, and choice matter.

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