Introducing Lost Spirits of Kael, A Game About Loneliness and Exploration

Lost Spirits of Kael

Lost Spirits of Kael is the debut title from Rablo Games set to release for PC in 2014. The game is aimed to be a mixture between Shadow of the Colossus and Dark Souls. You must escape the misty forest as the inhabitants and even the forest itself try to prevent you from leaving. The game accentuates the feeling of being alone while exploring, and one simple mistake can send you right back to the beginning. What makes the game even more interesting is that it is being developed by one man who is a CG artist and music composer for the Smurfs of all franchises. Lost Spirits of Kael is a far cry from the happy go lucky Smurfs franchise. If the game is of interest to you, the soundtrack is currently available for purchases through Bandcamp for €2.50 (roughly $3.25).

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About Lost Spirits of Kael:

Lost Spirits of Kael is an action-RPG with focus on atmosphere. You play the role of a young painter who has lost his inspiration and tries to get it back in the Forest of Kael. There, he meets a mysterious harpist who covers the forest with magical mist by playing her harp. Lost in this creepy forest covered with graves, he will have to find his way out. But the forest has mystical powers that makes finding one’s way nearly impossible, and some of its inhabitants will try to stop him.

The game is about loneliness and finding one’s way into the unknown.


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