Lune, A Moon-Controlling Puzzler, Enters Open Alpha


Have you ever had the urge to control the moon? Have you ever wanted to use it to your advantage and solve puzzles while doing so? If you said yes to one or both of those questions, you’re in luck! Lune is the game you’ve been searching for. Now for the best part; Lune just entered an open Alpha phase and you can play the early tech demo right in your browser!

Now you’re probably saying, Nathan, PLEASE tell us more! Settle down, we’re getting to that.

I took the time to play around with the demo and I can definitely say this is one interesting game. Aside from a few bugs and glitches, I thoroughly enjoyed what I played. The arrow keys can adjust the size and placement of the moon, moving it closer, further away or even moving the moon along its axis.

The character you control, at the moment, just seems to be some girl. There isn’t much more information than that, but I’m sure a story will be revealed later in development. This girl has a ring around her that seems to be attached to her back. But its not just “some ring”, it actually shows the placement of the moon based on what keys you’ve pressed. It may just be a neat little feature, but I really thought it was fantastic.

At this point, you’re probably now saying, “Nathan, SHUT UP and tell me where I can play this.”

Your wish is my command. If you’d like to hop off this page and test out the demo of Lune, you need only to click the link below. Aside from the link, you can also find a bit more information, a trailer and even more links. If you do test out Lune, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments. I’m sure the developers would love to hear some feedback.

Lune Open Alpha | Dev Blog | Twitter | Facebook

About Lune

Lune is an adventure/exploration game about controlling the Moon. You can explore the environment of the island and alternate tides, light and gravity by moving the Moon in the sky. This, in turn, will help your character avoid obstacles, climb objects easier and avoid the Guardians who seem to be the only inhabitants of this island.


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