Middle of Nowhere, A Survival Horror Game Worth Keeping Tabs On

Middle of Nowhere

The survival horror genre is coming back with a bang, and Middle of Nowhere is just the latest in a long line of games that fit the bill. Middle of Nowhere appears to be greatly influenced by some of the more notable Survival Horror franchises of old including Silent Hill and Resident Evil. They are keeping true to the genre which is great to see as many “Survival Horror” games today were simply first-person shooters in disguise. We’ll keep you updated with future developments regarding the game. VisionArts is planning a Kickstarter likely for later this year.

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About Middle of Nowhere:

You are Isaac, father of Emily, an unusual young girl having premonitions of a lost world she calls Nowhere. Emily is Isaac’s priority and so with no hesitation, decides to pursue the chance of finding a specialized doctor to help with Emily’s condition which results in a fatal car crash. You wake up in a lost world with only one thing that matters; Emily is missing. You immediately come to realise this is no ordinary world and have to use your instincts of survival to find Emily. You encounter many deformed creatures in what seems like a beautiful post-apocalyptic world but is actually hell. You have to fight or run to pursue Emily, either that or she could be gone forever. Can you save her?


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