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By Elle, December 27, 2013 1 News

Welcome to Funding Fridays! As you may’ve come to expect, we have five more games to show off, and I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the year’s holiday season than by supporting developers who need the… Read More »

By Elle, December 13, 2013 1 News

Welcome to Funding Fridays! This week, we have five games to share with you, and it was by no means easy to pick just five. Allow me to introduce you to this week’s picks: War of Omens, Grapple Knight, Star… Read More »

By Javier Cabrera (CabreraBrothers), December 12, 2013 0 Interviews

I walk through the enchanted forest trying to find my way to the big oak that Dani told me to meet her at for the interview. It is a lovely day and the calm breeze that blows through the olive… Read More »

By Elle, December 9, 2013 0 ,

Contrast, Compulsion Games’ premiere title about light, shadow, love, and loss has received plenty of attention for being a PS+ launch title for the Playstation 4. It’s a charming, ambitious game that is very easy to love and almost impossible to hate…

By Elle, December 2, 2013 0 News

A D-Pad Studio game is coming to Steam December 4th. No, it’s not Owlboy, and I know that makes your heart sink just a little. Savant: Ascent is hitting Steam this week after a successful Greenlight campaign, and it’s actually… Read More »

By Elle, November 29, 2013 1 News

Hello. It’s me. Elle. As you can tell from the title, Nathan is gone. Sources have told us he is without Internet, but I am not so easily convinced. He could have been eaten by manatees or happened across a… Read More »

By Deon Simmons, November 23, 2013 0 News

Recently we got our hands on a demo for Apexicon, a “fantasy puzzle combat” (as per its own description) by Actos Games. As to what it’s about, this is straight from its IndieDB page: The Apexicon has since been passed… Read More »

By Nathan, November 22, 2013 5 News

In this week’s Funding Fridays, we’ve got another group of four coming right at you. After much debate among the team, we decided to feature RetroWorld, So Many Me, Read Only Memories and Astral Terra. All of them look promising and… Read More »

By Elle, November 22, 2013 0 Interviews

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to miss weekly game marathons. My friends and I would all get together, setup our consoles or PC’s in the living room, order pizza, drink way more Mountain Dew than a human should have… Read More »

By James, November 20, 2013 0 News

Beating Quota is an upcoming riot-theme beat ‘em up-shooter from the British indie studio Decaying Logic. As London becomes overwhelmed with thieves, thugs, and crackheads, it is up to new guy on the force, Officer Al Varo, to restore order… Read More »

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