‘Past Memories’ Announced by Give me Five Entertainment Group

Past Memories

Past Memories, an auto-runner with silhouette visuals, was recently announced by Give me Five Entertainment Group. In addition to the news, the developers also released a teaser trailer and a few screenshots which you can see below. There isn’t a set release date as of now, but we do know that Past Memories will release on iOS and Android for $0.99.

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About Past Memories

Past Memories tells the story of a woman going through different important memories of her life, which are distorted and full of enemies and obstacles to be faced. The character must try to survive the nightmares of her oppressive past.

She can’t fight her enemies, just run away. But, with the help of resources such as the change of dimensions and items, she can hold them back. With a focus on atmosphere and a storyline told through the game, Past Memories draws inspiration on different titles and original ideas for the developers to form a set of fun for the players.


Teaser Trailer

About Give me Five Entertainment Group

Give me Five is a brazilian game company created in 2010 and located in Brasilia. It is responsible for such hits as “Dilma Adventure” (2010) and “Jogo Justo on the Taxes Island” (2011) (both WEB), which registered records of played times on their releases, appearing on both national and international press.

We aim for simple efficiency and quality, combining with the humor and creativity of our developers. We also focus on fun at work and learning from our mistakes, using collaborative competition. We are here to listen to the players, and deliver great experiences! Check out our website here!

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