Port Royale 3 Receives Dawn of Pirates DLC Today

Port Royale 3: Dawn of Pirates

Kalypso Media has released the Dawn of Pirates DLC pack for their game Port Royale 3 today. The download is available through Steam and the Kalypso Launcher for £5.49/€5.99. A whole new pirate themed campaign and online leaderboard will be added to the game. This will create a more competitive aspect to the game than prior.

About Dawn of Pirates:

Dawn of Pirates offers you a whole new single-player campaign in which you get to stir up trouble in the Caribbean – as a pirate. Your aim in this DLC is to become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean by raiding and plundering unsuspecting cities and poorly guarded convoys on the high seas. A new pirate-themed campaign offer players the chance to enjoy Port Royale 3 from the view of one of their most challenging foes! Arrr matey, what are you waiting for? Set sail!

Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants takes place in the turbulent 17th century where the naval powers of Spain, Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands clash over colonization. The game pits you as a young captain seeking to make a fortune and reputation in the new world. You are able to choose from one of two campaigns, Adventurer and Trader. With 16 ships available and over 60 different cities there is a lot to do already, and this pirate campaign just adds to that.

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