Possibly the Strangest Game Ever, Gingiva has Released


Myformerselves has released quite possibly the strangest game I have ever seen. Gingiva is now available for free through IndieDB and RPG Maker. Civilization has fallen and creatures that come from your weirdest dreams are roaming the land. Gingiva features 5 playable characters, over 100 animated creature portraits, multiple paths, and a variety of endings. The game was created in RPG Maker XP, but it looks unlike any other game created with the program. Honestly the description and the above image are reason enough to download the game.

IndieDB | RPG Maker

About Gingiva;

An amboeboid landscape threatens to engulf civilization and all its plastic bottles. Disembodied mouths live in the walls of municipal buildings like household pests. Packs of human-headed dogs rove the lands between formless space and concrete reality. A king bureaucrat who’s image is everywhere but his body nowhere.


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