Puckbang by Yeti Trunk Released on the Apple Marketplace


Yeti Trunk’s third and most recent title Puckbang has released on the Apple marketplace, and best of all the game is available absolutely free. The game requires you to shoot various types of pucks at other pucks in order to smash them. Each level has a limited number of pucks as well as a set time limit. You must plan each move accordingly to complete each level as certain pucks react differently when struck. This keeps the game interesting and challenging while random levels allows for unlimited gameplay.

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About Puckbang:

Puckbang is a fast-paced, action-arcade game for all ages! Easy to learn and play, but challenging twitch-style gameplay awaits those who compete for the highest score!

  • Easy to learn, challenging to master!
  • Unlimited randomized levels!
  • Unlock new stages as you play!
  • Game Center integrated!


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