‘Dot.’ by OmNomCom

6.7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Audio: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10

Challenging | Catchy background music | Interesting concept

No saves | Lack of level transitions | You get dropped in and start running with no details or story

In Indie Game HQ’s latest review, Nathan takes a look at Dot. by OmNomCom. Dot. is an auto-runner with a unique time stopping mechanic. You’ll need quick reflexes and eagle eyes if you want to help Dot run away. If you’d like to purchase Dot., it is currently available on Desura for $3.99. All the needed links can be found below the review.

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PLATFORM(S): PC, Mac, Linux

GENRE(S): Auto-Runner, Platformer, Casual

RELEASE DATE(S): May 3, 2013

We would like to thank OmNomCom for giving us the opportunity to review their latest title. For more, please check out their website.

About Dot.

Dot. Is an auto running game with a unique twist. Your character, the aforementioned Dot. Is running from *something*. She has the ability to stop time, You need quick reflexes to use your time stopping powers to overcome the obstacles in the way.


Starting off with Dot., the controls are probably the simplest set I’ve seen in a while. Space to jump and S to stop time, that’s pretty much all you need to know there. There is a main menu with a lonely play button, but aside from that there isn’t much else to peruse. I honestly thought a level selection screen or something similar would have been a nice addition.

I know you didn’t come here to read about menus, so let’s get into the game itself. Dot. is an auto-runner with an interesting twist. Dot isn’t running to practice for a marathon, she’s running from something. Who or what is that something you ask? I can’t tell you that, it would ruin the surprise. It won’t be easy to keep running; there are numerous obstacles in that straight line of yours.


The key to completing a level in Dot. is this: timing. As with most other auto-runners, you’ve got to have quick reflexes and well timed use of your ability to jump and your magic time-stopping abilities. There are a number of objects that will get in your way or that you’ll need to use to your advantage, mostly piston-like platforms and falling blocks. Watch out though, some places you’ll need to jump to are near the border at the top. If you happen to bounce Dot’s head off of said border, it throws off your jump and you will not stick the landing.

One of the things I found strange was the fact there were no level transitions. Nothing at all. When you finish a level, you automatically start running into the next one. Don’t worry though, it gets even more frustrating! There is no saving. None whatsoever. Meaning, if you exit Dot., you’ll end up right back at the very beginning. I found out this neat trick the hard way.

Overall Dot. isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just lacking some, what I believe to be, necessary game mechanics. I don’t see it taking a long time to beat but that doesn’t mean I should have to do it in one sitting.



There is one track playing in a constant loop during the play-through of Dot., as I’ve seen with many games. This song, however, doesn’t get as repetitive as quickly as others I’ve heard. You hear wonderful chimes and strings and overall it’s great music.

The one complaint I have while listening to that wonderful track over and over again, was this odd clicking noise. It was indeed coming from the music, but in my ears, overpowered the best parts. Those clicks made me dislike the sound after a while of playing.


When it comes down to the art featured in Dot., everything has a simplistic feel but can still look somewhat detailed. The levels are very industrialized, similar to Gear Jack, but much less colorful.


I’d like to point out how dark everything is. When I first started playing I fell down the very first hole I encountered. The way the lighting mechanic works, you won’t really see holes until you’re about to fall in. Unless you hold down the S key of course. Activating the ability to stop time lights everything up and certain objects are even colored. The colored objects are the ones you’ll be interacting with.

Aesthetically, Dot. isn’t amazing nor terrible. The animations are mostly smooth, the game is very dark when not stopping time and the background and foreground art is simple.

Down to the Nitty Gritty

At the end of the day, Dot. isn’t a game that stands out to me as a whole, but is definitely worth trying out. The game could definitely use a few more features, such as saving, maybe an extra song or two and definitely a level transition of some kind. Dot. is currently available on Desura for $3.99, so it’s not like you’re losing a lot if you decide to purchase and it isn’t the game for you.

Buy Dot. on: Desura | Google Play | OmNomCom | Twitter | Facebook

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    Is ‘Dot’ on Steam Greenlight?

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